Zepf Center launches crisis CARE Line, Mobile Outreach team

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             Zepf Center, a Toledo-based, non-profit behavioral health and vocational services clinic for youth and adults with severe and persistent mental illness and those struggling with addiction, has launched new crisis care services.
        While the larger program planned will take time to implement, as of July 1, Zepf Center is offering a Crisis CARE Line and a Crisis CARE Mobile Outreach Team to ensure that help is available 24/7 for individuals in Lucas County experiencing a psychiatric crisis.
        These new services came about when the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Lucas County (MHRSB) asked Zepf Center to assist with ensuring continuity of crisis services in Lucas County in light of the planned July 30 closing of Rescue Mental Health & Addiction Services.
        After a review of available services, Zepf Center was chosen as the provider for its expertise across the continuum of care, including mental health, addiction, employment and residential services as well as its extensive physical and operational infrastructure which allows it to rapidly begin providing emergency crisis services.
        “It is imperative that we continue to provide immediate, 24/7 help to anyone having a mental health crisis or thoughts of self-harm,” said Deb Flores, CEO, Zepf Center. “This is a big change for Zepf Center, our staff, Rescue’s staff and the community. We know that growth and change come with uncertainties, but our shared values for our community will drive us toward excellence in the provision of crisis care.”
        The MHRSB will work with Zepf Center to continue to implement the recommendations of the Community Psychiatric Emergency Services (CPES) sub-committee. CPES is a broad-based community initiative to create a best-in-class crisis care system in Lucas County.
        To date, Zepf Center has hired 17 displaced Rescue Crisis staff with an additional 12 in the offer stage. Candidates continue to apply, and Zepf Center expects more applications.
        Crisis Services at Zepf Center will be overseen by Jennifer Jancsin, the current Chief Clinical Officer, and Courtney Burrow will be the Clinical Director.
        Crisis CARE Line
        • Former Recovery Helpline and the Emergency Services 24/7 Call Line have been merged into one number as Zepf Center is not staffed to cover multiple lines. The Crisis CARE Line will assist with all mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) needs at 419-904-CARE (2273).
        • The Crisis CARE Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a qualified mental health professional.
        • If it is determined, based on the phone call, that a face-to-face screening is needed, a crisis screening will be arranged in the safest environment for the individual and the Crisis CARE Mobile Outreach Team.
        • Callers in need of recovery support will be offered an appointment with a provider within 48 hours of connecting with the Crisis CARE Line, previously known as the Recovery Helpline.
        • The Crisis CARE Line is available to people living in Lucas County.
        • Professionals can link callers to substance abuse treatment services.
        CARE Mobile Outreach Team
        • The Crisis CARE Mobile Outreach Team is a group of professionals available to assist during a mental health crisis. They are the mental health first responders whose goal is to assess and help individuals presenting in crisis as effectively and efficiently as possible and in the least restrictive environment.
        • Staff will provide face-to-face help to individuals who are at risk of harm to themselves or others. The team responds to calls in the community and collaborates closely with community partners such as law enforcement and emergency departments.
        • The Crisis CARE Mobile Outreach Team will determine the next course of action, including providing a community referral, referring to a behavioral health center for an intake, or referring to the appropriate inpatient psychiatric hospital.
        To learn more about Zepf Center, visit zepfcenter.org.
        To learn more about the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Lucas County, visit lcmhrsb.oh.gov.


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