Young Artists at Work (YAAW) Program returns

        The Arts Commission’s Young Artists at Work (YAAW) program is returning for the 27th season.
        The summer 2021 program is a hybrid model to ensure safety of the apprentices along with hands-on experience. This year, the program is welcoming 75 apprentices and 11staff members.
        Throughout the six-week program, the staff and apprentices will manage and execute five projects, ranging from conservation of public artwork to production of a historical documentary.
        They include:
        • Mural at Imagination Station - In partnership with Momentum Festival, guest artist Leah Tumerman (Vallejo, California) will lead a mural project with a team of apprentices for the newly renovated lower-level entrance to Imagination Station.
        • Ottawa Park Amphitheatre - Apprentices will work to conserve the YAAW mural at the Ottawa Park Amphitheatre that was originally installed in 2012.
        • East Toledo, Main Street Corridor, Signal Box Wraps - In collaboration with The Arts Commission’s Art in Public Places and Creative Placemaking program, apprentices will design signal box wraps to be installed along the Main Street Corridor in East Toledo. This is the second phase of signal box wraps to be completed this year.
        • YAAW Documentary - Led by YAAW alumni Reagan Shull and Melissa Rose, a team of apprentices will tell the story of the history of YAAW through film, interviewing alumni and staff of YAAW to tell the story of the over two decades of the program.
        • Activating the Windows at Huron and Madison - The Spitzer, the Nasby and Nicholas Buildings at Madison Avenue and Huron Street are currently unoccupied. Apprentices will design vinyl wraps that will be installed in the first-floor windows of this corridor to create a safer, more beautiful urban landscape.
        In addition, apprentices will participate in an art-to-market experience as vendors at the Toledo Farmers Market July 31 and Aug. 7.
        All money raised goes directly to future YAAW programming. Visit for more details.


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