Workplace Week of 7/20/20

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Plant to open in Fremont
A manufacturer based in Marlboro, New Jersey has announced it plans to open a new facility in Fremont.
International Cushioning Company, LLC will expand its operations into Ohio and locate at the former Fremont Plastics Building located at 2101 Cedar Street.
ICC expects to hire 75 employees within the first year and will invest $3.4 million in associated payroll with a total capital investment of over $3.6 million.
“We are very excited to be expanding our business into the Midwest to continue to support our current customers and grow our business.” says Terry Nielsen, vice president. “This new location allows us to continue to build the foundation for future expansion of the business. Our long-term plans include adding additional products and employees to the organization over the next couple of years.”
Buddy Bussey, president and owner of the business said: “We believe that Fremont has presented us with a very business friendly environment and a true partner in helping us make the new operation a success.”


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