Woodmore basketball fundraiser

Caitlin Willey

On March 8, Woodmore will host its second annual basketball tournament in efforts to bring the community together and raise money for Engaging Opportunities Foundation. This tournament is hosted by Woodmore’s National Honor Society and the high school student council.
The tournament is a three vs. three competition and will consist of teams with a roster of up to five players that is open to all ages and genders as long as there is at least one member 14 years old. There can be boy teams, girl teams and co-ed teams.
All teams will have to fill out waivers and pay a $50 entry fee. Each member of the NHS or student council is encouraged to find a team or join a team. During the tournament there will be concessions and a silent action. To find registration information, go to the Woodmore website, Twitter, or Facebook page.
Last year’s tournament made just over $1,000 and this year’s goal is to surpass $1,000. All the money raised will be donated to Engaging Opportunities Foundation — a local foundation seeking to provide opportunities to teenagers and adults with special needs. This foundation had an overwhelming vote last year and once again this year.
NHS adviser Whitney Flick shared that knowing they planned on making this an annual event there was a lot of time spent developing the workings of the tournament last year.
“We were looking for a big event to take the place of having a blood drive. Last year's senior NHS officers suggested the three vs. three. They played in a tournament like this years ago at Solomon (Lutheran School) but Solomon no longer does it,” said Flick.
The overall goal is to raise money and awareness for the foundation that was chosen. Jacob Huss will oversee the tournament the day of the fundraiser.
(— by Window To Woodmore staff writer Caitlin Willey. Reprinted from the January issue of Window To Woodmore, the school’s student journalism publication, with permission)


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