Wood County: Water, sewer line projects proposed

Larry Limpf

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District is proposing a project to extend a water line eastward from its operations center on State Route 582 and a sewer line north from the City of Bowling Green to the unincorporated area of Dunbridge near the Rt. 582/ I-75 intersection.
Jerry Greiner, president of the district, said last week the project could spur economic development at the intersection and, if the current sewer lines were extended to Dunbridge, the area will be getting a jump on an anticipated order by the Environmental Protection Agency to install sewers to replace failing septic systems.
Greiner said the district has presented the proposal to the Wood County commissioners with the suggestion it could be funded from the county’s allotment of American Rescue Plan Act funding.
He estimated the project cost at about $9 million. If the water line is approved, Greiner said he would expect the City of Bowling Green to require a sewer line from its wastewater treatment plant via Dunbridge to serve the east side of the intersection.
It’s unlikely Dunbridge would qualify for other funding to address the septic system problem because not enough households fall into the required low-income category, Greiner said.
“This funding would work real well for both an economic development project and serve the residents at the same time,” Greiner said.
District management presented the proposal to the commissioners at a meeting earlier this month but the commissioners didn’t take action.
In all, the county expects to receive about $25 million in ARPA funding, Doris Herringshaw, a commissioner, said.

Sugar Ridge proposed project
The county and district have also qualified for funding that can be used for a sanitary sewer project in the Sugar Ridge area in Middleton and Center townships.
Greiner said a Community Development Block Grant of $750,000 would pay for about half of the project, which has been ordered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
The district has also been awarded a $919,000 grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the project.
Greiner said the CDBG requires a local match but the Corps grant does not.
Approximately 10,000 feet of sanitary sewer lines would be extended to the area in Middleton and Center townships that is currently being served by septic systems that the Ohio EPA has determined are failing. About 54 residences will be undergoing the change that will include construction of a low-pressure main with grinder pumps. Planners chose that option due to the presence of high bedrock.
The EPA has determined most of the pollution is from an area of older homes along Sugar Ridge Road near Mercer Road.
The main line will link to an existing sewer main west of the area under the EPA order.
The water and sewer district service area covers the project area. Once operating, sewer flows would be conveyed to the waste water treatment plant operated by the City of Bowling Green.


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