This Week In Toledo History Week of 6/28/2021

Lou Hebert

June 27
1845 - The Miami and Erie Canal opens link from Toledo to Cincinnati, allowing canal boats to travel from Toledo to the Ohio River.
1913 - Two killed, 18 injured when two trains collide near Woodville.
1944 - First infantile paralysis case reported in Toledo in what would become the polio epidemic.
1950 - Marlin Stuart pitches perfect game at Swayne Field for the Mud Hens, shutting out Indianapolis 1-0.
1958 - Zalophus or “Cyril” the fugitive sea lion from London, Ontario, is caught in Sandusky Bay and taken to the Toledo Zoo. Zoo officials say they will keep the nationally notorious marine mammal, touching off a near international incident with Canada. Toledo Zoo eventually returns Cyril to London Zoo.

June 28
1885 - A violent riot by parishioners at St. Hedwig’s Catholic Church on Lagrange Street over the suspension of a priest. Hundreds of local residents take to the neighborhood streets in violent clashes. At least two people are shot and killed and over 20 arrested.
1906 - A Toledo probation officer “Dilgart” says he will end the practice of parents sending their children to corner saloons to pick up a supply of beer. Officer Dilgart says young children and toddlers are being sent into “dives of iniquity” to get beer for a besotted father.
1924 - Tornado hits Sandusky. Eight people killed and 200 homes leveled.
It was the state’s deadliest day for tornadoes, with 88 people killed.
1956 - An 11-day Shakespeare festival opens at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater, drawing 2,000 audience members for its debut performance of “Much Ado About Nothing.”
1983 - Point Place residents experience flooding as Northeast winds push water onto land from the lake.
1985 - Eight men, including several horse trainers, are indicted for “fixing” harness races at Toledo’s Raceway Park.
1988 - The baseball stadium at Lucas County Rec Center was renamed Ned Skeldon Stadium.

June 29
1909 -Toledo News Bee runs an article about the canals on Mars and claims new telescopes can “plainly” see snow-capped mountain on Mars.
1921 - Registration advertised for University of Toledo summer session. Fees are $2 for resident and $6 for non-residents.
1925 - Nearly 100 undernourished Toledo kids are taken to the health department’s children’s camp at Presque Isle for six weeks.
1944 - New 120-mm anti-aircraft gun shown to press at Erie Proving Grounds at Port Clinton.
1979 - Toledo businessman and O-I executive William Niehous escapes his captors in Venezuela after being held for more than three years in the remote jungle. He makes it to safety and is flown back home to Toledo.

June 30
1905 - Toledo stunt flyer Roy Knabenshue flies an airship balloon to the top of the Spitzer building downtown and back again to fairgrounds on Dorr Street.
1918 - More than 35,000 people assemble in Ottawa Park for a community wide religious service to pray for an “honorable” peace in World War I.
1922 - Jimmy Petros says his Petros restaurant at Adams and Huron Streets will soon have high powered radio music so people can have music with their meals. It will feature concerts from large cities and will be the first restaurant to offer music from the radio.
1929 - Notorious Toledo gambler and bootlegger Albert Parlow is killed and others wounded in a gun battle at the Riverview Inn in Point Place.
1948 - The once busy and popular Cherry Street electric trolley ceases operations. The 12 street cars at midnight become salvage and replaced by 16 diesel-fueled buses. The Cherry Street trolleys had been in operation since 1892.
1977 - Tornado sweeps across Fremont and Sandusky County. Eighteen people are injured.

July 1
1909 - Toledo Mayor Brand Whitlock warns young lovers that it’s okay to spoon in city parks, but Toledo Police officers will be watching for any signs that the “affections” shown are improper.
1914 - State teachers’ convention is held at Cedar Point, where the state school superintendent reveals to the crowd that most teachers can’t attend because they are too poor.
1967- The University of Toledo is given the status of a state-funded university by the Ohio General Assembly.
1979 - A total of 3,400 Toledo city workers go on strike after failed negotiations for new contract. All unions, including police and fire, go on strike, shutting down city and creating chaos. Anarchy ruled the streets and a TARTA bus driver was murdered, halting all bus service. The strike would eventually end several days later with a new labor agreement.
2000 - The Lonz Winery terrace collapses on Middle Bass Island during weekend festivities. Eighty people injured, one person killed.

July 2
1884 - Massive fire destroys most of Pemberville’s business district.
1909 - Last baseball game is played at Armory Park on Spielbusch Avenue in downtown Toledo.
1911 - Toledo organ grinder and his monkey "Jimmy" are arrested after the monkey bit a little boy on Elm Street. The monkey will have to be quarantined for a rabies check at the zoo. Organ grinder John Liberatore sobbed as he told the health inspector, "me don't want a leave a de monkey".
1921 - Lots are being sold on the proposed "Wild Cherry Beach" on the Ottawa River at Edgewater Drive. 74 lots are for sale and it promises a beautiful bathing beach and pier, with easy access to the street cars.
1926 - Toledoans hold fundraiser to help Mrs. Sadie Modisher, a mother of seven on Paxton Street who was widowed when her husband was struck by lightning. The News Bee reports that they collected $72.01.
1931 - U.S. Open Golf Tournament opens at Inverness in Toledo. Bill Burke wins the tournament.

July 3
1817 - Sea serpent is reported by early settlers and explorers near Middle Bass Island.
1854 - First Perrysburg cholera epidemic death reported.
1909 - Swayne Field ballpark opens in West Toledo. A record 18 innings were played between Columbus and Toledo.
1911 - Toledo Police Judge Austin agrees with a defendant charged with throwing a can of pickles through a trolley car window because the car wouldn’t stop for him. Man is released after judge says he too would be angry with the motorman.
1921 - Thousands of men swarm downtown Toledo near the News Bee building on Jackson Street to hear the results of the Dempsey-Carpenter heavyweight championship fight being held in New Jersey.
1945 - The much talked about “ToledoTomorrow” exhibit opens at Toledo Zoo. It was a very large display model sponsored by the Toledo Blade publisher Paul Block, depicting a vision of Toledo by the turn of the 21st century. The model was designed by famed architect Norman Bel Geddes of Adrian Michigan and was featured in many national publications, drawing interest worldwide.
1948 - TPD Officer Harold Stevens dies when his patrol car collides with ambulance at Monroe and 17th Street.


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