This Week In Toledo History Week Of 10/4/2021

Lou Hebert

Oct. 3-9
1911- James Corbett “Hobo King” arrested in Toledo for the kidnapping of a 13-year-old boy in Shelbyville, Indiana. Corbett is acquitted a few months later.
1922 - A Toledo police officer “Spike” Hennessey joins a “big game” hunt in Hardin County to find two lions that have been killing cattle, dogs and other animals in that area.
1933 - First class of Ohio State Patrol candidates arrives at Camp Perry in Ottawa County to begin training.
1943 - First Italian POWs arrive at Camp Perry in Ottawa County, to be housed for duration of World War II.
1955 - It is announced that the former Mud Hens stadium at Swayne Field at Monroe and Detroit will be sold to developers and torn down to make way for a shopping center.

1822 - Rutherford B. Hayes, who would later reside in Fremont and become President of the United States, is born in Delaware, Ohio.
1903 - National political figure William Jennings Bryan, while on a northern Ohio tour, speaks to Democrats in Napoleon, Wauseon and Oak Harbor.
1911 - The Rev. Joseph Schrembs becomes first bishop for the newly created Toledo Catholic Diocese.
1929 - Indictments are issued by federal agents for 42 Toledo area men in bootlegging of liquor and the peddling of narcotics. Seven of the secret indictments took aim at those who were considered the "crowned heads of boozedom" in the area as they were running large distillery and brewing operations.
1934 - Toledo's well-known and well-liked gambling figure and rackets king, Jimmy Hayes, found murdered in a Detroit alley. He had been shot and beaten at another location and then taken to the alley in Detroit and dumped. He was often called "Toledo's Honest Gambler".
1992 - A magnitude 2.5 earthquake is felt throughout much of Wood County.

Oct. 5
1813 - Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh killed in the Battle of the Thames in Ontario Canada by American troops. Tecumseh had organized a confederacy of tribes to stop white settlement in the territory.
1904 - Lightning causes major blaze in oil tank at Findlay refinery.
1941 - City of Toledo dedicates new $10 million Lake Erie water intake system.
1951 - Toledo hero of World War II Carl Winzeler, who lost his legs and one arm in the war, dies of heart attack at his new Talmadge Road home, which had been built by grateful citizens of Toledo for his service to the country.
1959 - Raceway Park opens as a horse racing track after being a stock car venue for 10 years.
1966 - A partial meltdown of Fermi One Nuclear Power Plant in Monroe, Michigan occurs. It is one of the first major nuclear mishaps in the United States. A book would later be penned about the episode called "The Day We Almost Lost Detroit".

Oct. 6
1873 - Last volunteer fire company in Toledo shuts down operations.
1897 - Rail station agent from Elmore is missing. J.C. Meacham is believed to have stolen thousands of dollars in railroad funds and alleged to have run away with a French actress.
1903 - Toledo City Council passes an anti-flirting ordinance to stop men from being too forward with women in public.
1927 - Toledo Mud Hens win the International League Championship by defeating the Buffalo Bison at Toledo’s Swayne Field in the “junior” world series. Casey Stengel is the Hens manager.
1930 - Toledo gambling figures Abe “The Punk” Lubitsky and Norman Blatt shot dead on Franklin Avenue and Woodruff in continuing mob war. Toledo-based mobster Thomas “Yonnie” Licavoli is later convicted and implicated in ordering the hit.
1933 - Cooking school is a hit. The News Bee Cooking School at the Civic Auditorium in Toledo draws 4,500 people to watch as cooking and food demonstrations are held. More than a 1,000 people had to be turned away.

Oct. 7
1845 - Bank of Toledo opens for business.
1856 - Moses Fleetwood Walker is born. He later becomes first black man ever to play in professional Major League Baseball, as a catcher for the Toledo Blue Stockings during the 1884 season.
1901 - Trouble in the old "tenderloin" when Toledo saloon keeper Christian Keller found shot to death in the basement of his bar at 413 Summit St. Bullet wound to the heart.
1918 - News reports that four Toledo soldiers have died from the Spanish influenza while stationed at Camp Sherman in Ohio and Ft. Niagara in New York.

1919 - King Albert of Belgium makes visit to Toledo with Brand Whitlock, the Ambassador to Belgium and former mayor of Toledo.

Oct. 8
1897 - Fire destroys several buildings in downtown Gibsonburg.
1900 - Accused child molester, E. Bushong rushed to jail in Bowling Green after a lynch mob forms in North Baltimore ready to hang him.
1925 - A mysterious trunk is found at Toledo’s Union Station. It was thought to contain a body because of strong foul odor, but police opened the trunk and discovered a dozen heads of rotting cabbage.
1942 - The Blade reports three young children escaped tragedy after jumping from a tree house on Eastmoreland Drive in Oregon when it catches fire.
1948 - Patricia Schmidt of Toledo, also known as "Satira", the exotic dancer, arrives home in Toledo after being released from a Cuban prison where she spent 18 months for the shooting death of her lover, John Lester Mee, aboard a yacht in Havana Harbor.

Oct. 9
1903 - Oil wells around Bryan, O. are reported to be big producers. One well is yielding 200 barrels a day.
1925 - Workmen clearing trees near the site of Fort Defiance find a 90 -year-old musket ball in a 137-year-old locust tree.
1936 - Toledo city officials launch probe to determine the extent of Black Legion activities among police officers and city employees. The Black Legion was a secret and shadowy hate group that espoused terror against Catholics and Jews.
1947 - Shooting erupts in a Findlay, O. church when an Ohio State patrolman shoots and wounds a gunman holding an Episcopal rector hostage.
1968 - Toledo Mayor William Ensign orders more police patrols at city high school football games after recent flare-up of violence.


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