This Week In Toledo History

Lou Hebert

May 12 – 18

May 12
1894 - The Elmore Bicycle company moves its operations from Elmore to nearby Clyde in Sandusky County. The company will later produce the Elmore automobile.
1925 -Toledo Patrolman Walter Mullen shot and killed by his partner as they pursued two suspects on Front Street. One of the bullets fired from his partner's gun struck Mullen.
1934 - An early morning car-train collision at New York Central tracks at Holland Sylvania Road kills four Toledo people who had been out together for the evening.
1936 - FBI agents, led by Director, J. Edgar Hoover make a dramatic pre-dawn arrest of fugitive Harry Campbell on Monroe Street in Toledo. Campbell was wanted as the part of the notorious Alvin Karpis Gang. Campbell had been making his home in Toledo under an assumed name for several years.

May 13
1833 - First plot of land is sold in early Toledo area known as Port Lawrence.
1852 - Toledo City approves the establishment of a volunteer police force.
1930 - Cowboy movie star Tom Mix and his horse, "Tony" are in Toledo for circus shows at the Stickney Avenue Fairgrounds. He later stopped by Toledo Police firing range to try out his guns.
1941 - Lamson's Department store features a special fashion show that exhibits fashions through the centuries, including a glove from King Tut and the gloves worn by Mary, Queen of Scots, for her execution.
1975 - The Westwood Theater on Sylvania Avenue ordered closed for one year after being found guilty of showing the films “The Stewardesses” and “Deep Throat,” which are ruled to be obscene.

May 14
1886 - Convicted killer Arthur Glover of Wood County executed by Sheriff George Murray Brown in a hanging in Columbus. It was the last execution in Ohio carried out by the county sheriff of the county where the crime occurred.
1929 - The New Elk Theater in Toledo is blown up shortly after the last movie of the night. No one injured in the apparent mob hit
1938 - The last Lakeshore Electric Interurban makes final run between Toledo and Sandusky. There is no special observance after 41 years of operation. Bus begins the next morning.
1975 - Linda Jefferson, Toledo native and star running back for the champion Toledo Troopers women's football team, is voted "Woman Sport of the Year" by WomenSport magazine.

May 15
1863 - Several Southern Confederate Army “recruiters” apprehended in the Northern States are executed by firing squad at Johnson’s Island POW camp on Sandusky Bay.
1908 - It's reported that a dog bit 11 people in Maumee and was rabid. All of victims will have to undergo a series of painful shots.
1926 - The Safety building in downtown Toledo is officially opened to the public.
2001 - A runaway train goes on a wild 60-mile trip south on the CSX tracks that began in Walbridge yards. The nationally broadcast drama finally ends when a brave railroad worker hops on the rolling locomotive, 8888 (dubbed the crazy 8's) and brings it to a stop.

May 16
1899- Large-scale tornadoes sweep through NW Ohio. Many fatalities and heavy damage. The Montpelier, Ohio schoolhouse blown down, killing eight students. Many others injured.
1922 - The Reuben Company is selling so called “Baby Farms” near Reno Beach. The small tract of lands, up to 5 acres start at $310 each. The company says onions are a popular and profitable crop to grow on these “Reno Baby Farms”.
1953 - Springfield Township firemen hold stag party of 1500 people that gets out of control at Secor Armor. It was raided by Toledo Police and three women are arrested for indecent exposure, others are arrested for gambling.

May 17
1838 - Last rains fall in Toledo area before the great drought of that era gets underway.
1899 - A weather observer reports that a more than 4 inches of rain fell in a 12 hour downpour in Western Ottawa County.
1913 - A Toledo fire wagon is hooked up to a gasoline tractor in a demonstration of motorizing fire engines. This wagon can now reach speeds of up to 25 miles-per-hour. It was one of three given to Toledo on a trial basis.
1919 - Construction gets underway for 80,000 wooden seat-arena at Bay View Park to accommodate the big crowds for the Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard heavyweight championship fight to be held in July.

May 18
1825 - A massive tornado kills three in Seneca County. Described as a "violent fury that uprooted entire forests of large trees, hurled animals skyward and made the ground rumble beneath one’s feet."
1882 - The passenger ship, the “American Eagle,” explodes near Kelleys Island. Ten people are killed.
1929 - Hundreds of folks jam Forest Park Amusement Center for its opening day in 1929. Located at Woodville and Reiman Roads.
2001 - Ground is broken for the long awaited $227 million Maumee River crossing project. To be later named the Veterans Memorial Skyway Bridge.

Lou’s notes: I want to thank all who responded to my query about the Abe Lincoln bust that once stood in a front yard on Woodville Road and Hille Drive in Millbury. Had lots of replies and got some answers. It seems the owner of the property was artist Cliff Muradith who used the house for decades as a sculptor's studio. The poured concrete Lincoln bust was one of several he constructed and was a reproduction of the Lincoln bust he created for Pershing Square in Los Angeles in 1941. In a December, 1960 ceremony, he dedicated the 800-pound replica of the original as a gift to the town of Millbury. It was placed on a 6-foot pedestal and was seen by thousands of travelers on Woodville Road for many years until its removal. Its whereabouts remain unknown.


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