This Week In Toledo History

Lou Hebert

May 22
1838 - First “mixed marriage” reported in Toledo between a white woman and “Mulatto man.”
1852 - First steam powered train ran from Toledo to Chicago.
1893 - Fire Engine House 1 at 614 Lagrange Street abandoned by fire department, later used as a police substation and for mounted patrol.
1925 - Hundreds come to the newly built Madison Gardens Ballroom for its grand opening at Madison and 15th streets, later to be renamed the Tri-anon Ballroom. It would become one of Toledo top dance and music clubs during the 1940's and 50's
1947 - A truck carrying 10,000 fully dressed chickens is hit by a train at Reynolds Corners, scattering thousands of chickens across the roadway. The sheriff reports that few of those who were drawn to the crash site left empty handed.
1959 - I-280 highway dedicated as the Detroit-Toledo Expressway. First so-called “expressway” in the area. It was dubbed the "Seaway Freeway" and hailed as a key for future growth of the area.
1979 - Owens-Illinois headquarters ground breaking is held along the downtown Toledo riverfront. It sets a new world record for the number of people taking part as over 5,000 Toledoans grabbed a shovel to help out.
1984 - Violence erupts on picket lines of AP Parts on Matzinger Rd. as union members protest the company's use of non-union labor. 120 people are arrested and jailed.

May 23
1898 - Toledo mourns loss of Toledo fireman Oscar Willis, killed while battling blaze at a grocery warehouse at Jefferson and Summit. Several other firemen were seriously injured.
1908 - An air ship, piloted by Toledo's Roy Knabenshue, crashes into centerfield fence during ball game at Armory Park. Everyone escapes without serious injury.
1930 - Toledo car maker, John North Willys, founder of Willys Overland, arrives in Warsaw to begin duties as the new U.S. Ambassador to Poland.
1944 - Toledo Mud Hens suffer worst defeat in franchise history, losing to Milwaukee Brewers, who score 28 runs.
1975 - National Guard F-100 crashes at Toledo Express Airport, killing pilot and seriously injuring co-pilot.
1983 - Major multi-alarm blaze at Willis Day Warehouse in Toledo forces evacuations of hundreds of people.
1988 - Legendary UT football quarterback, Chuck Ealey, who led the Rockets to three undefeated seasons from 1969-71, is inducted into the freshman class of the Mid-American Conference Hall of Fame.

May 24
1854 - Toledo council votes to hire "night watchmen" at $1.25 a night.
1894 - Perrysburg school on Louisiana Avenue burns to the ground.
1919 - Last weekend in Toledo for legal alcohol sales before local prohibition goes into effect. Saloons and bars are jammed with customers eager to get last drink.
1930 - Men wearing shorts in the summer heat is becoming a fad among male college students and many say they are shocked to see men baring their legs in public.
1934 - The Auto-Lite factory strike in North Toledo turns deadly. Thousands of strikers and their supporters gather in front of the besieged plant on Champlain Street and face off against Ohio National Guard troops. Violence erupts in front of factory and the troops open fire on crowd, killing two people.
1934 - Brand Whitlock, four-time mayor of Toledo and ambassador to Belgium, dies in Paris at age 65.

May 25
1903 - Great excitement noted as New York Central's highly vaunted Twentieth Century flyer reaches an average of 70 MPH between Toledo and Elkhart, Indiana, at times hitting speeds near 90 MPH.
1928 - Emma Hatfield is found beaten and near death in a yard on on Norwood. She is believed to be the first victim of the so called “Toledo Slugger”. She died later in September.
1930 - Ground is broken for DeVilbiss High School in West Toledo.
1936 -Ten-thousand Toledo Catholics hold outdoor mass at Swayne Field to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Toledo Diocese.
1956 - At Hertzfeld Oldsmobile at 17th and Madison, a special event is held featuring the concept car, the "Golden Rocket". Advertised as an ultra streamlined experimental coupe with a plastic body.

May 26
1823 - Perrysburg begins sale of city housing lots for $20 minimum bid.
1887 - Statue of Toledo Civil War hero General James Steedman unveiled in downtown Toledo on Summit St.
1901 - Much excitement generated by news that oil is discovered on Middle Bass Island.
1906 - Toledo police report that two men are stabbed to death and another is near death after an all-day drinking orgy of men, women and boys at 215 Sycamore Street.
1919 - Toledo patrolman William Bather shot and mortally wounded on Emerald Avenue after he attempts to question three stolen car suspects. He dies the next day. The 29-year-old patrolman leaves behind a wife and two children.
1931 - At Culver's used car lot at 301 Main Street, you could buy a 28 Ford roadster for $210 or a 1930 Whippet Coupe for just $325.
1935 - Fourteen-thousand people turn out at Scott High School Field to hear the eighth annual citywide music festival put on by high school music bands and singers.
1942 - It’s reported in Toledo Blade that more “Air Raid Wardens” are needed to be trained for help with planning and coordinating air raid siren tests in the city.

May 27
1862 - Toledo Street Railway begins operation with horse-drawn streetcars.
1908 - A downtown Toledo beer garden is closed after violating a police order that women not be allowed in beer gardens in the city.
1919 - Sad day for Toledo drinkers and elsewhere in America. The city's many breweries and saloons are forced to close up under the newly enacted federal prohibition laws.
1921 - In a Fremont courtroom, during a civil trial, two opposing attorneys get into fistfight before the court of Judge Scott Stahl and others join in the melee before order is restored.
1928 - Race car driver Roy Goodwin of Ann Arbor is killed in crash at Fort Miami Race Track in Maumee. His car is said to have collided with other cars as it was making a turn.
1941 - Oak Harbor farmer, 80-year old William Raunch carves another chain made of wood. He has been perfecting this art for many years and one of his unique wooden chains was recently given to President Roosevelt.
1976 - The new Lagrange School opens.

May 28
1911 - Lion Store in Toledo selling new screen doors starting at 69 cents each, and ladies silk hosiery for 35 cents a pair.
1921 - It’s reported that seven children in Toledo have died from diphtheria during the month of May. Three of them were children at Stickney School in North Toledo.
1936 - An investigation into the “Black Legion” in Toledo reveals there are more than 700 members divided into seven “companies” around the city. Police say they don’t appear responsible for any acts of violence in Toledo.
1941 - Libbey High School Yearbook, the “Edelian,” sets all-time sales record.
1961 - Divine Word Seminary on River Road opens.
1970 - After reports of armed gangs roaming the streets, Toledo enacts tough new gun laws that would ban anyone from carrying firearms on public streets or in cars. All handgun owners need to register.


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