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Veterans Wall
a tribute to heroes
To the editor: I was at Lake High School on May 24 for the unveiling of the Veterans Wall. Honoring all these heroes brought so much respect to all them for what they have done so we can live free here in the United States. The reason I was there is my dad, George Tighe, is listed on that wall. His name is listed under the 1930s. He served in WWII in the United States Navy. My dad is still alive and approaching 98 years of age.
I was so proud to be a part of this for him and I am so proud to be his daughter. I would like to thank all who were involved in making this Veterans Wall happen. What an awesome way to thank all those who are listed on the wall and to share with the students who attend Lake High School the names of heroes.
Debbie Holmes

Poppy Days thank-you
To the editor: Troy-Webster American Legion Auxiliary Unit 240 would like to thank everyone who donated to the Poppy Program May 18 in Luckey and Perrysburg.
The courtesy and thanks you extended to our veterans and auxiliary members who helped offer poppies was amazing. Most of our Legionnaires were in their 80s or older and very much enjoyed your conversation and compliments.
We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to The State Bank in Luckey, and Walt Churchill’s Market and Walmart in Perrysburg. Without your support for our veterans, it would not have been possible.
All money collected from the Poppy Campaign goes directly to veterans and their families through the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, and Children and Youth Programs of the auxiliary. Any expenses (poppies, cans and postage) are paid out of the general fund. One hundred percent of Poppy dollars go back to the veterans.
Again, thank you for your donation.
Becky Dippman,
President, Troy-Webster American Legion Auxiliary Unit #240



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