Water & Sewer District promoting Fix a Leak Week March 16-22

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        As part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ongoing “We’re for Water” campaign, this year’s Fix a Leak Week encourages Americans to help put a stop to the nearly 1 trillion gallons of water wasted from household leaks each year.
        During Fix a Leak Week, March 16-22, the Northwestern Water and Sewer District is encouraging residents to find and fix residential leaks in Northwest Ohio.
        The District is encouraging its customers to sign up for AquaHawk, an on-line tool that allows them to see water use. They may also sign up to be notified of high use and possible leaks by text, email, or phone. Sign up free at www.nwwsd.org/customer-service/notifications/#alertrow.   
        The District is asking all consumers to “check, twist, and replace:
        • Check for leaks. Look for dripping faucets, shower heads, sprinklers, and other fixtures. Also check for toilets with silent leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring into the tank, waiting 10 minutes, and seeing if color appears in the bowl before you flush.
        • Twist and tighten hose and pipe connections. To save water without a noticeable difference in flow in your bathroom, twist on a WaterSense labeled faucet aerator.
        • Replace the fixture if necessary. Look for WaterSense labeled models, which are independently certified to use 20 percent less water and perform as well as or better than standard models.
        Visit www.epa.gov/watersense to find WaterSense labeled products or an auditor in your area.


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