Two from Va. facing multiple charges

Larry Limpf

First degree misdemeanor charges for inducing panic against two persons from Virginia are being refiled as second degree felonies, Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer said Wednesday.
John C. Davison, 38, and Vicki Davison, 33, of Virginia Beach, were taken into custody Monday without incident after police received a report of suspicious individuals in the area of Lemoyne Road, south of Ayers Road.
Both were charged with:
- One count of making terrorist threats, a third degree felony.
- One count of carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth degree felony.
- One count of inducing panic.
- One count of criminal trespassing, a fourth degree misdemeanor.
Workers at a Lemoyne Road trucking company spotted the two on CSX Railroad property near Toledo Executive Airport and the Lake schools campus, police said. As a precaution, the school buildings were placed under lockdown.
“The employees watched them get out of their vehicle, saw they had a backpack, two shovels and a pitchfork. They then started to walk westbound on the railroad track and the employees called us with a suspicious activity report,” Chief Hummer said.
A provision in the law pertaining to causing panic at schools allows for the felony charge, he said.
While the two didn’t resist they weren’t totally cooperative, the chief said.
“It was a criminal trespass at first. Then they checked the backpack and found a loaded gun. None of what they were trying to say as to why there were there made any sense. He then mentioned in a rant the school, airport or the refineries could blow up at any moment. When he mentioned the school I decided to have Jim (Witt, Lake’s superintendent) go on lockdown until we knew exactly what we had,” Chief Hummer said. “The man did say he wanted to meet and speak with President Trump. So it’s possible they drove straight from Virginia and possibly went to the wrong airport.”
President Trump held a rally Monday at Toledo Express Airport.
The Davison’s were placed in Wood County Jail and their bonds were set at $55,000 each. They were arraigned Tuesday morning.
Items found in their leased vehicle raised more questions, the chief said, adding officers obtained a search warrant.
“There were empty Pelican boxes that are padded and often used for hauling electronics or weapons. Some were locked. There were empty AR-15 rifle magazines,” he said.”The good news is the cases were empty. The bad news is they’re empty. Was there something in them that they put somewhere? That is why we decided to err on the side of caution and search the whole high school with four bomb dogs.
“It was a very unusual circumstance. With the timing of the president’s visit and the geographic location in the township where there is a school, rail and trucking where we found them. We reacted appropriately in my opinion.”
Officers from Walbridge, Perrysburg Township, Toledo, Wood County Park District, Wood County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, CSX Railroad, and the Wood County prosecutor’s office assisted Lake Township police. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service were also alerted.


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