State releases funds for county fairs

The state controlling board has OK’d the appropriation of $4.7 million to fund health practices at county fairs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.
Each county fair that conducts a junior fair in 2020 will receive $50,000 and fairs that don’t hold a junior fair will receive $15,000.
Funds will be distributed in July.
Local fair boards who’ve already announced cancellations in 2020 can apply for a new date with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. As of last week, Medina County has rescinded its cancellation, according to the agriculture department.
“This past year I spent a significant amount of time listening and learning from the youth who participate in our (Wood) county fair, “ said State Representative Haraz Ghanbari, R- Perrysburg. “I was deeply impacted by their commitment and they each left a lasting impression on me. Agriculture is crucial to the identity of Wood County, and I am thankful that we have a viable path forward for our Wood County Fair.”
State Senator Theresa Gavarone, R- Bowling Green, said county fairs are “vital to our local economies and communities.”
In April, Gov. Mike DeWine announced the department of agriculture is waiving the local match for the Agricultural Society Facilities Grant, allowing county and independent fairs to be eligible for funding without the match.
Agriculture director Dorothy Pelanda said at the time the fairs are facing financial hardships due to the pandemic but still have facilities expenses.
More information on safety guidelines for Ohio’s fairs can be found online at,
For a list of all Ohio county and independent fairs, visit


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