Science-fiction inspired “Doppelgänger” showing at TMA

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        In its North American museum premiere, Stan Douglas’ film. “Doppelgänger” is on view at Toledo Museum of Art through May 15, 2022. The museum is located at 2445 Monroe St. at Scottwood Avenue, just west of the downtown business district
        The science fiction-inspired film explores parallel realities and complex notions of truth. The work was created in 2019, when there were heightened debates related to immigration, migration and citizenship around varying global migrant crises, which still resonate to this day.
        Seen through 2021 eyes, the continual mirroring and sense of displacement throughout the film echoes many people’s experiences during the current pandemic. For those able to stay at home, individuals are constantly observing their own visages and conducting their lives mediated through a virtual screen. As the world confronts new phases of this pandemic, society finds itself entering new, unknown realities.
        TMA’s installation is the first North American museum presentation of the film, which premiered at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Douglas’ work has been exhibited at prominent venues worldwide. He will represent Canada at the 2022 Venice Biennale.
        The film centers around an astronaut named Alice who embarks on a solitary outer space mission. When her ship unexpectedly turns around, she presumes she has returned to Earth, but instead, she arrives at another realm, the exact reverse of her true home. In one version, Alice is welcomed and provided support upon her return, while in another narrative, she is received as a potential hostile threat. The work comprises two translucent screens, which can be viewed from either side and display parallel narratives that unfold simultaneously.
        The installation of “Doppelgänger” at Toledo Museum of Art is supported by season sponsor ProMedica, with local support from presenting sponsors Susan and Tom Palmer and the Ohio Arts Council.
        Admission to the film is free.
        Admission to TMA is always free, but visitors are required to register at the information desks when they arrive. For hours and more information, call 419-255-8000 or 800-644-6862, or visit


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