Rozanski got start shooting at detergent bottles

J. Patrick Eaken

If it were not for her father Gerald Rozanski, Elmore’s Sara Rozanski may not be the record-setting women’s national champion she is today.

Give her father credit for taking her at a young age to the Adams Conservation Club on King Road in the Sylvania and Springfield Township area. For Sara, now 43, that was over three decades ago.

“I’ve done this since I was a kid, and the one thing is really the bigger story behind it is I have an older sister and I really did not get along with her and my mom worked out at St. Luke’s (Hospital),” Rozanski said. 

“So, my mom would take me when she was going to work out to be with my dad, and when he was done we would shoot rifles there. Then, he got me into the .22 program and then they got me into the highpower. Once I started highpower I just never stopped. 

“I grew up around my dad shooting shotguns, and I typically went to the local gun club (Adams) with him on the weekends. When he was finished shooting, he would take me to the plinking range to shoot .22s at detergent bottles or cans. I liked doing that, and when I turned 11, my dad enrolled me into the junior Friday evening .22 program, which I did until I was 15 or 16,” Rozanski continued.

“From there, my dad and (the late) coach Frank Piasecki got me into highpower, starting with shooting the M14/M1A. Frank coached his granddaughter (Brooke) and me for many, many years. Brooke’s and my first match experience was shooting the DCM Program in late April and early May, which was equivalent to SAFs (small arms firing) at the nationals,” Rozanski continued.

“We both liked the experience, so we started practicing at Adams Conservation Club and began competing that summer (1993) at the ORPA matches at Camp Perry. We made our way onto the ORPA junior team and did fairly well for ourselves, especially being newbies. I continued to shoot the M14 or M1A until everyone started switching to the AR15 around 2000, which I did apprehensively.” 



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