Reps call for passage of computer chip resolution

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Two members of the Ohio House of Representative are renewing their push for passage of a resolution encouraging semiconductor production in the U.S. now that Ohio may be in the running to land a major semiconductor factory
Representatives Lisa Sobecki, D-Toledo, and Jeff Crossman, D-Parma, urged passage of House Concurrent Resolution 38 that calls for more investment in semiconductor production in the U.S. following reports that a manufacturer may be considering Ohio for a plant site.
HCR 38 calls of Congress to address the shortage of semiconductors in the short-term and appropriate billions of dollars to encourage domestic production of the computer chips.
“The additional calls by Gov. DeWine and Ohio’s Democratic Congressional Delegation proves that addressing the semiconductor shortage is crucial,” said Rep. Sobecki. “I encourage the Ohio House majority to expeditiously move our resolution forward.”
Rep. Crossman and Rep. Sobecki introduced the resolution in November 2021 and it was referred to the House Government Oversight Committee but it has yet to have a hearing.
“The chip shortage is adversely impacting Ohio’s economy,” said Rep. Crossman. “It is encouraging that Governor DeWine now shares the same concerns that Rep. Sobecki and I have had regarding the shortage. This is an issue that impacts our nation’s security. HCR 38 should be a priority to a legislature claiming to be focused on Ohio’s economy. ”
News media in the Columbus area have been reporting a major chip producer was eyeing that part of the state.
Dan Tierney, press secretary for Gov. Mike DeWine said the governor hasn’t issued a statement on the speculation about a plant coming to the area.
The Sobecki/Crossman resolution would:
-Urge Congress to enact the United States Innovation and Competition Act, which includes appropriations for the Creating Helpful Incentives for the Production of Semiconductors for America Act
-Urge Congress to enact the Facilitating American-Build Semiconductor Act
-Urge President Biden to exercise his authority and activate the National Defense Production Act to immediately commence emergency production of semiconductors here in the U.S.
“The automotive industry makes up approximately 3 percent of the United States' Gross Domestic Product, employing over seven million people in the United States as of 2015; and… a national shortage of semiconductor chips has caused a decrease in the sales of new vehicles of approximately 14 percent in 2021 … compared to 2019,” the resolution says. “Automobile plants have responded to the decline in sales by suspending or stopping production at plants, impacting the livelihood of thousands of United States workers through layoffs and furloughs… and the shortage has also impacted the production of heavy-duty commercial trucks, creating a backlog for ordered trucks of approximately 260,000.”


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