Renewal levy for Genoa schools on primary ballot

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Voters in the Genoa Area Local School District will decide a 5-mill operating levy that will be up for renewal on the March 17 ballot.
However, instead of being in effect for another five years if renewed - it was originally passed in 1990 - the levy will be continuous if voters approve it this time.
Bill Nye, district treasurer, said the finance committee of the school board discussed the pros and cons of seeking a continuous levy rather than another 5-year issue and recommended the change.
“The board had that discussion. The feeling was that since this is a 30-year-old levy we’re going to need that money. But instead of spending about $5,000 every five years on the cost of putting the issue on the ballot, we should try to get it continuous,” he said. “Anything that is 25 to 30 years old, the reality is we’re going to need those funds in order to operate. We’re just trying to save some money every five years doing it this way.”
The levy generates about $470,000 annually and can be used to pay for salaries and benefits, supplies and services.
Nye said the renewal won’t result in a tax increase for property owners.
Voters in Ottawa County will also decide a 0.5-mill renewal levy that is used for services and facilities for senior citizens.
In Danbury Township, voters will decide a replacement of a portion of two existing levies used for maintaining vehicles, equipment and buildings of the police department. There will be a net reduction of 0.5-mill if the levies are replaced.
In Wood County, voters in Troy Township will decide a 0.8-mill, 5-year renewal levy that is used for operating expenses.


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