Real Estate Week Of 9/5/2022

Staff Writer

Week ending Aug. 26

Benton Township
08/22/2022 Drew M and Brittany M Wilburn to Tristan R Lacer, 5750 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $150,000.
08/26/2022 Robert Zunk to Nicholas J Wolfe and Kristen A Wolfe, 17936 Moline Martin, $233,200.
Bay Township
08/22/2022 Daniel J Boldt to Derrick D and Morgan R Slone, 3481 West Darr Hopfinger Road, $100,000.
08/22/2022 Wilma J Vanhorn to Ronald Hipfl, 531 Findlay Street Unit # 36, $21,000.
Carroll Township
08/25/2022 Barbara E Goehring to Jeffrey Bryan Goehring, 2120 North Carroll Erie, $48,750.
08/26/2022 Gem Mint Brothers LLC to Gregory Clark and Briana Giron, 6380 North 3rd Street, $172,000.
Genoa Corp
08/25/2022 Blake M Traver and Brittany M Traver to Alexandria L Rable, 205 West 4th Street, $207,000.
Elmore Corporation
08/26/2022 Kay Wilbur to Jessica L Pasch and Shawn Pasch, 409 Augusta Street, $133,500.
Catawba Township
08/22/2022 Heather K Terlecki and Richard M Terlecki (Co-Trustees) to Gregory Lyle Bock and Rebecca Lee Bock, 5367 Walls Channel Drive Unit #2, $760,000.
08/23/2022 Matthew Alexander, Jennifer Alexander & Donna Cyphert to William W Cooke, 1623 Northeast Catawba Road # 105, $35,000.
08/24/2022 James C Dubbert and Agnieszka Dubbert to Michael D Braun and Casey J Madison, 3665 North Delwood Drive, $310,000.
08/24/2022 American Servicing Corporation to David J Peltier and Cynthia M Peltier, 1116 Northwest Catawba Road, $235,000.
08/24/2022 Kim Michael Kaptain9Successor Trustee) to David L Harvey III and Carry A Harvey, 2791 North Bluff Ridge Road, $485,000.
08/26/2022 Drew J and Patricia M Deconcini to Gerald Hetrick and Julie Senko, 1358 Northwest Catawba Road, $270,000.
08/26/2022 Michael W Morton and Lauretta A Morton Trustees to Jerome R Prochko and Adrienne L Prochko, 4706 East Terrance Circle, $515,000.
08/26/2022 Anthony R Garzony to Todd W and Jolene Kandel, 4340 B Marin Woods, $415,000.
Danbury Township
08/22/2022 Kenneth J Shvorob to Mark Funderwhite, 5831 State Route 163 A-4, $65,000.
08/26/2022 John and Phyllis Tharp to Xalver and Colleen People, 2717 South Waterside Court, $1,050,000.
08/26/2022 Mark E Danklefsen to Edward J Kellem and Kasey E Kellem, 1625 South Heritage Street, $185,000.
08/26/2022 Robert L Russell Jr. to Gregory L and Joyce R Rosenthal, 2007 Ellsworth, $65,000.
08/26/2022 Betty J Smith to Kenneth J Storme and Lesley A Storme (Trustees), Lot # 23 Harborview Drive, $69,500.
Erie Township
08/24/2022 Delilah Jane Abbott-Woodland fka Delilah Jane Abbott to Alexandra K Muckensturm and Brian Muckensturm, 2978 West Lakeshore Drive, $70,000.
08/25/2022 Sandra K Howard to Tammy and Mark Collins, 235 South Meachem Road, $80,000.
08/25/2022 Delilah Jane Abbott-Woodland fka Delilah Jane Abbott to Alexandra K Muckensturm and Brian Muckensturm, 2978 West Lakeshore Drive, $70,000.
08/26/2022 Michael Berrier and Kelly Berrier to William S White and Kelly E White, 133 North Schooner Point, $280,000.
Port Clinton Corp
08/22/2022 Victoria King Heinsen (Trustee) to OSU PEG LLC, 204 Monroe Street, $305,000.
08/22/2022 Michael Lerro to John Harber and Rebecca Harber, 125 Walnut Street, $80,000.
08/24/2022 Paige A Dine to Trenton Williams and Nicole Oglesbee , 323 East 7th Street, $175,000.
08/25/2022 Rising Doors LLC to Heartwise Holdings LLC, 729 East State Street, $130,000.
08/25/2022 Imogene F Nelson (Trustee) to Jill-Ann M Osbourne, 116 Ash Street, $323,000.
08/26/2022 Barboura Krupp to Joseph Stout, 529 Fulton Street, $205,000.
08/26/2022 Phoebe Borman aka Phoebe P Borman to Cheryl L Smith- Trustee of Cheryl L Smith Revocable Trust 12/12/2020, 525 Washington Street, $154,000.
Portage Township
08/25/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Theodore E and Vicki L Fillmore, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #98, $98,900.
08/26/2022 Storage Condominium Inc. to Charles Brown and Lisa Brown, 780 Southeast Catawba Road Unit # 8, $115,000.
Middle Bass
08/24/2022 Laura A Matthews and Ellen K Kuhns to Thomas Charles Bossman and Monica Sue Bossman, 1910 South Shore Drive, $425,000.
08/26/2022 Gregory j Seller by Dodie M Seller POA to Christopher M Adkins and Stephanie M Adkins, 93 Anchor Lane, $232,000.
Put In Bay Township- School
08/25/2022 Lorrene M Zygmunt and Arthur Zygmunt to Gabriel Skunza, 0 Dahlgreen, $22,000.
Salem Township
08/23/2022 Bruce J Perry and Judith A Perry to Dennis J Hennen and Lenora R Hennen, 1175 South Golf Lane, $340,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
08/26/2022 Flip Holdings LLC to Tyler Steven Holben, 367 West Water Street, $163,500.


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