Real Estate Week Of 9/26/2022

Staff Writer

Week ending Sept. 16

Allen Township
09/14/2022 Karen E Cutcher (Successor Trustee) to Michele D Lashuay and Randy Lashuay, 30780 North Fostoria Road, $212,000.
Bay Township
09/14/2022 Todd P Winke and Jeffrey F Winke - Trustees Rodney S Winke Trustee to Danelle M Berkowitz and Michael Berkowitz, 1098 South Schau Road, $137,000.
Carroll Township
09/13/2022 David and Jillian Conley to Steve Falk, 6376 Teal Bend, $115,000.
09/15/2022Gerald E and Samantha N Tucholski to Cody James and Mikala Faulk, 1599 North Toussaint Portage Road, $305,000.
09/16/2022 Kevin Quillin to Denis J Buehler, 6579 Pasadena Drive, $150,000.
Clay Township
09/12/2022 Marilyn J Mizik (Trustee) to Addison Zoz Bishop, 23910 West Meadow, $179,000.
09/14/2022 Estate of Claude N VanNess to John R VanNess and Susan Van Ness, 2775 North 1st Street, $125,000.
09/14/2022 Dan’s Do It All LLC to Richard K May, 255 3rd Street, $125,000.
09/16/2022 Christopher Olivarez to Armondo Longoria and Sydney McKie, 23175 West State Route 51, $165,000.
Genoa Corp
09/14/2022 Ronald C Newmister and Charlene M Newmister to Robert Nissley and Rachel Nissley, 408 Main Street, $127,000.
09/16/2022 Balen Gonzalez to Deyobrouck Properties LLC, 1408 ½ Washington Street, $155,000.
Harris Township
09/14/2022 Judith A Zimmerman to Brenda K Lawson and Garrett R Lawson, 17659 West Ravine Drive, $419,000.
09/14/2022 Mark S Albright to Cristen Cramer, 3640 Opfer Lentz Road, $340,000.
Elmore Corporation
09/16/2022 Brandon A Uher to Xavier Gschwind and Ronni Gschwind, 444 Clinton Street, $133,000.
09/16/2022 Teri S Aliemenious to Jeremiah D and Rachel L Helle, 648 Aspen Avenue, $323,400.
Catawba Township
09/12/2022 Timothy Carney (1/3 interest) to Jeffrey Carney, 1414 North McCloy Avenue, $5,000.
09/12/2022 Michael P Carney (1/3 interest) to Jeffrey Carney, 1414 North McCloy Avenue, $10,000.
09/12/2022 Karen McNamara (1/3 interest) to Jeffrey Carney, 1414 North McCloy Avenue, $5,000.
09/13/2022 James T Saffran (Successor Trustee) to Wayne E Kimmel and Suzanne Kimmel, 4355 –A Marin Woods, $340,00.
09/14/2022 Optimus Development LLC to Terrance F Hoening and Barbara A Hoening, 4658 East Cliff Road, $1,500,000.
09/14/2022 Elliott S Bassett to Sabrina Smith, 4445 East Balliette Drive, $290,000.
09/15/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Elliott Dean Fisher, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit B-1, B-3, & B-5, $424,400.
09/16/2022 Kenneth L Thompson Jr and Gretchen L Thompson to Beth Ann Wendell and Michael Lawrence Swetel, 2790 Canterbury Circle, $514,000.
09/16/2022 Randy E Pace and Megan L Pace to Neal A and Kathy L Kruse- Trustees of Kruse 2013 Revocable Family Trust dated May 14, 2013, 1552 Northwest Catawba Road Unit D, $310,000.
09/16/2022 Phillip Leon Whitt and Phyllis Illeen Wagner (Co-Trustees) to R. Rental Company LTD, 2629 Northeast Catawba Road, $700,000.
Danbury Township
09/14/2022 Daniel L and Evelyn E Buckey to Richard L and Ronda R Poorbaugh-Trustees of Poorbaugh Revocable Living Trust, 519 Sycamore, $825,000.
09/14/2022 John P O’Donnell Jr and Susan J O’Donnell to Matthew Yaratch and Mary Sue Yaratch, 1510 North Buck Road Lot #107, $145,000.
09/16/2022 Frederick Reid to Brian James Smith and Susan Louise Smith, 358-B North Lake Pine Drive, $155,000.
09/14/2022 Michael R Babbitt to Bay Pointe One LLC,10951 North Bay Point Drive Unit 206, $349,500.
Erie Township
09/16/2022 David L Kodak to Jerry L and Christine M Britt, 6264 West Harbor Road, $140,000.
09/16/2022 John G Jonscher and Ellen Jonscher (Trustees) to Christopher M Hawley and Joanna M Orth, 1220 West Richey Road Waterslip Unit # 94, $5,300.
Port Clinton Corp
09/13/2022 Marcus A Everly (Trustee) to Karen and James Blakely, 506 West 5th Street, $152,000.
09/13/2022 Tamara A Ashton fka Henry to Adam B Creasap, Ashley N Creasap, Lisa M Kiedrowski, 530 Adams Street, $150,000.
09/14/2022 Robert D Caltrider Jr and Shelley L Caltrider, 807 Glendale, $380,000.
09/15/2022 Madeline Rice to Anna L Riedmaier, 327 Harding, $5,000.
09/16/2022 Tracy Colston and Timothy Colston to Libby Cina, 323 West Fifth Street, $139,500.
Portage Township
09/12/2022 Joe E Greene and Carol L Greene to Paul E McLaughlin, 750 Southeast Catawba Road Hanger #19, $95,000.


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