Real Estate Week of 5/3/2021

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Week ending April 23

Allen Township
04/19/2021 Donald R and Barbara G Lockhart to Michael A and Lee Ann Weider, 0 Wildacre Road, $5,000.
04/23/2021 Aaron J Nelson to Sean Dooley, 21202 W Toledo Street, $98,000.
Benton Township
04/23/2021 Robert L Booher III to Kyle M Fragoso, 3320 N Lickert Harder Road, $199,900.
Clay Center Corp
04/19/2021 Jordan and Courtney Garcia to Amanda S Strauser, 22280 West Hellwig Road, $260,000.
Carroll Township
04/22/2021 David E Screptock to Fell Energies Inc, 3120 N Lakeshore Drive, $180,000.
04/23/2021 Larry J and Sheila S Fick to Wilmington Trust Successor Trustee to Citibank Trustee for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, 5880 North Humphrey Road, $64,033.
Elmore Corp
04/19/2021 Levi Haar to Jonathan Belsky, 411 Winter Street, $140,000.
Genoa Corp
04/19/2021 Michael Lorenzen to Amy M Reimer, 1212 Washington Street, $136,000.
Catawba Township
04/19/2021 Stephen D and Holly R Arnold to Daniel T Stryffeler, 3078 North Hatteras Drive, $62,000.
04/20/2021 Ohio Shore Development Limited to Corey and Sarah Petz, 0 Bay Pointe Lot#21, $39,000.
04/20/2021 The Linda M Srpenger Trust to Edwards M and Carole A McQuiston, 2239 North Carriage Lane, $560,000.
04/20/2021 Barbara A Petersen to Daniel L and Melinda Zavagno, 3771 East Overlook Drive, $237,000.
04/23/2021 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to T Virginia Hillman, 3863 E Vineyard Village Drive, $205,000.
04/23/2021 William J Beals and Casey Madison to John and Deborah Carden, 4648 E Island Pines Drive, $380,000.
04/23/2021 Deborah J and John G D Carden Jr to DX3 LLC, 4975 E Schoolhouse Road, $285,000.
Danbury Township
04/20/2021 Danny E and Sandra L Martin to Virgil and Carolyn Caudill, 480 Parkside Drive, $329,900.
04/23/2021 Randall A and Vicki M Dykstra to James A Miller and Kris T McKarns, 5686 E Harbor Road Unit C8, $110,000.
04/23/2021 Walter K Felton ½ int to David and Gloria Gardner, 540 Lynn, $177,500.
04/23/2021 Michele A Felton ½ int to David and Gloria Gardner, 540 Lynn, $177,500.
Port Clinton Corp
04/19/2021 Nienberg Rentals, LLC to Edward Sean and Juneda Marhevka, 704 Edison Lane, $65,000.
04/20/2021 DM Superior, LLC to Carrie J Sanchez, 1104 Jackson Drive, $269,500.
04/20/2021 Carrie J Sanchez to Cory Colston, 603 Kasper Street, $203,000.
04/21/2021 Gluth Properties, LLC to Paul W and Vanessa D Kellogg, 1330 South West Bay Drive, $26,900.
04/21/2021 David W Scarberry to Robert A and Kaitlyn R McNerney, 509 West Lakeshore Drive Unit A-2, $130,000.
04/23/2021 Elliot Thompson to Tina Thompson, 801 W Third Street, $29,960.
Portage Township
04/23/2021 Jancor Properties LTD to Blue Dog Farm LLC, 2308 E State Street, $913,000.
Middle Bass
04/19/2021 Christopher Herak to Christopher L Zeitler, 400 Swartz Lane, $82,500.
Put In Bay Village School
04/21/21 Equity Trust Company fbo James Rogers IRA to Terri Gadosik and Lindsay Chappell, 1230 Tri Motor Drive #5, $222,000.
04/21/2021 Fitzgerald Island Properties LLC to C-Crew Holdings LLC, 1254 & 1294 Tri Motor Drive, $670,000.
Put In Bay Corp
04/19/2021 Jeffrey S and Robyn L Biery to Dean C Armanini, 515 Langram Road, $177,000.
Put In Bay Township
04/20/2021 TJ1 Wolf LLC to Kenneth William Adams and Dorothy White, 150 Sandcastle Drive, $190,000.
Salem Township
04/20/2021 Waterford Place, Inc. to Nicholas S Gardner and Morgan N Welty, 170 North Wexford Drive E, $40,000.
04/21/2021 Richard L and Dawn LaFountain to Donna S Shireman. 439 North Behlman Road, $159,900.


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