Real Estate Week of 4/5/2021

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Week ending March 26

Catawba Island Township
03/22/2021 Richard M and Samantha K Schaedler to Tamara A Kucera, 5822 East Woodland Drive, $50,000.
03/22/2021 Richard M and Samantha K Schaedler to Martin T and Jacqueline M Caja, 5822 East Woodland Drive, $50,000.
03/22/2021 Richard M and Samantha K Schaedler to Constance M and Thomas W Kucera, 5822 East Woodland Drive, $50,000.
03/24/2021 Harbor’s Edge Development II LTD to Nicholas P and Stefanie L Ceo, 4881 Tradewinds Drive, $456,695.
03/25/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to Joan M Krystowski (Trustee), 5176 Blue Teal Drive, $45,000.
03/26/2021 Robert H and Patricia Crabtree to Marry Ann and Ronald J Gecsi, 3295 North Stonehouse Drive, $305,000.
Elmore Corp
03/23/2021 Willard J and Shirley J Buhrow to Kristopher A Morgan, 252 Jackson Street, $190,000.
Danbury Township
03/22/2021 David F Martin to Richard F and Jill C Obilzajek, 627 Lynn, $254,000.
03/22/2021 Jeanne E Martin to Richard F and Jill Oblizajek, 627 Lynn, $254,000.
03/23/2021 Thurman Robert Mathews, Thomas A Mathews, and Timothy W Mathews to Walleye Tom LLC, 342 Channel Grove Road, $279,000.
03/25/2021 David G and Kerryann Hurlbut to Clawson Lakehouse LLC, 431 Central Ave, $360,000.
03/25/2021 Matthew Cerny to Craig A and Angelina N Cerny, 247 North Hamilton Drive, $60,000.
03/26/2021 Clark C and Maria B Wolfe to William A and Bree M Brown, 1601 Coldwater Crossing, $150,000.
Erie Township
03/25/2021 Deborah Williams aka Debroah C Donovan to Sally A and Roderick L Clark, 56 North Bertchen, $35,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/22/2021 Donna Messina to Frank Mikes, 704 Bataan Lane, $36,000.
03/26/2021 Judith A Mullins to Amber Schierberg, 918 Maryland Street, $65,000.
Portage Township
03/26/2021 Gill Road Developers LLC to Greg Rosenthal and Steve Frey, 2112 & 2114 East Harbor Road, $37,000.
Put In Bay Village School
03/22/2021 OSC Properties to 1360 Catawba Avenue LLC, 1360 Catawba Avenue, $335,000.
Salem Township
03/26/21 Malon Todd Johns and Alexandria Elaine Rawls to Paul R Daniels, 10519 West Elmore Eastern Road, $160,000.
03/26/2021 Steven R Zbierajewski to William Hemming, 0 Toussaint South Road, $116,300.
Oak Harbor Corp
03/23/2021 Mark M and Deidra M Hashiguchi to Curtis Edward and Lindsey Lee Borjas, 111 East Oak Street, $291,000.


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