Real Estate Week Of 3/7/2022

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Week ending Feb. 25

Allen Township
2/22/2022 Bonnie J Preston to Derek A Wood to Megan E Wood, 21750 State Route 579, $130,000.
2/25/2022 Joseph G Hornyak and Carol A Hornyak (Trustees) to Kyle J Perry and Jenna N Perry, 0 West Reservation Line Road 5.983acres, $66,000.
Benton Township
2/25/2022 Phillip Ryckman to Gayle Millinger and David Millinger, 14526 West Toussaint North, $87,5000.
Bay Township
2/25/2022 Hekron Investments Inc. to Gotham Holdings LLC, 0 Fremont Road 30.84acres, $232,500.
Carroll Township
2/22/2022 Roger A Kosch to Michael J Isler and Heather A Isler, 9550 West Hollywood, $291,000.
2/24/2022 John R Hageman Jr and Janet L Hageman to Wetlands America Trust Inc., 39.6057 acres Genzman Road, $172,284.
2/25/2022 Gage B Forman and Nicole M Forman to Tabatha Derosia and Karin Meyer, 7850 West Toussaint East, $160,000.
Clay Township
02/22/2022 Chad J Blausey to Nicole M Fournier, 1369 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $185,000.
Genoa Corp
2/27/2022 Ryan P Welch to Chrisopher L Large, 910 Washington Street, $146,000.
Danbury Township
2/23/2022 Dennis W Smecker to Kevin Kelly, 7426 East Bayshore Road, $182,300.
2/24/2022 William J Jamison and Jacqueline R Jamison to Gregg A Ammons and Brenda S Ammons, 276 North Margaret Drive, $270,000.
2/24/2022 John B Waters (Trustee) to Kevin M Showe and Patricia C Showe, Lots C-1, C-2, and A-1 Gravel Bar Sub A, $325,000.
2/25/2022 Board of Trustees of Danbury Township to MAWL Properties LLC, 0 East State Route 269 4.591acres & 4.233 acres, $105,889.
02/23/2022 Catch Me If You Can LLC to Margaret M Brisendine and Margaret A Gibbons, 730 Prairie Street, $295,000.
Port Clinton Corp
2/22/2022 Garry A Tucker (1/2 interest) to David C Cowgill, 315 Beach Street, $9,490.
2/22/2022 Otis Manis Jr to David A Matheny and Wendy E Pollarine-Matheny, 1801 East Perry Street, $117,500.
2/22/2022 Margaret A Hrynik (Trustee) to David A Matheny and Wendy E Pollarine-Matheny, 1801 East Perry Street Unit # 1, $117,500.
2/25/2022 Tyler Brant and Layla Woods to Kyle J Bueter, 328 East Sixth Street, $132,000.
2/25/2022 Terry A Wolfe and Kathryn E Wolfe to Charles E McLaurin, 913 East Second Street, $122,500.
Portage Township
02/22/2022 Renae Mezger to Anna Aleksandrovna Dohnenko, 38-62 West Wilcox Road, $230,000.
02/23/2022 Zane Enterprises LLC to Nicholas R Sebastiano, 1051 South Lake Street, $150,000.
2/24/2022 Samkel Properties LLC to Patricia Severt and Ronald Severt, 1239 East Garnet Avenue, $150,000.
Put In Bay Village School
2/23/2022 Bernard M McCann to Amanda M McCann and Bryan Gilles, 300 State Route 357, $40,000.
Put In Bay Township
2/25/2022 NCP Bayou 2 LLC to Put-In-Bay Township Park District, 4.211 acres lot 47 S of county Road, $421,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
2/22/2022 R & B Enterprises to PSWS1 LLC, 750 North Locust Street, $250,000.


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