Real Estate Week Of 3/28/2022

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Week ending March 18
Benton Township
03/18/2022 Ruth A Trammell to Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC, 3980 North Graytown Road, $180,000.
Bay Township
03/18/2022 Jason Silliman and Chelsea Silliman to Steven L Joseph, 2185 West Fremont Road, $383,000.
Carroll Township
03/14/2022 Rickey W Waibel Sr. and Peggy A Waibel to DWM Properties LLC, 8920 Canada Goose, $230,000.
03/18/2022 Margaret Allison Reiser to Randall J Earley, 6415 Teal Bend, $109,000.
Clay Township
03/15/2022 Dorothy M Fondessy to Todd M Traver and Lori Jo Traver, 21800 West Hellwig Road, $190,000.
03/18/2022 Erica A Dailey to Dustin T Harris, 23153 Hellwig Road, $140,000.
03/18/2022 Kathy Beehler and Kent Sheets-Trustees of The Sheets Family Trust to Holly Leveck, 1594 North Thyre Drive, $155,000.
Catawba Township
03/14/2022 James W Spicer II and Laura L Spicer to Charles Peter Pluto III and Stacey Pluto, 3951 Coachmans Trail, $750,000.
03/18/2022 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Charles E Jackson and Kristi L Jackson, 0 North Carriage Lane Unit #64, $24,500.
Danbury Township
03/14/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Jeffrey Cox, 2933 South Waterside Court, $630,431.
03/14/2022 HP Interior Solutions Inc. to Marblewood Homes Inc., 2933 South Waterside Court, $15,000.
03/15/2022 Joyce C Marquart –Trustee of the Joyce C Marquart Trust to Victoria Lee Johnson and Donald Johnson- Co-Trustees of the Victoria Lee Johnson Revocable Living Trust, 0 East Bayshore Drive (0.8 acres), $115,000.
03/16/2022 Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio Inc. to KLT Investment Group LLC, 2166 South Harbor Bay Drive, $129,900.
03/17/2022 Regatta Development LLC to Thomas J Hanley and Karyn C Hanley, 6133 East Regatta Passage, $249,900.
03/18/2022 Robert H Gayle and Matthew E Stein to Robert Brett Hecker, 2143 White Caps Lane, $279,900.
Erie Township
03/14/2022 Estate of Donnie Shook to Jayson Hayes, 6410 West Harbor Road, $220,000.
03/18/2022 Timothy M Mathews-Trustee Geraldine Mathews Revocable Livng Trust to Erika M Bledsoe, 3618 State Route 163, $172,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/14/2022 DLB Group LLC to Port Clinton Apartments LLC, 701 East Fifth Street, $2,300,000.
Portage Township
03/14/2022 Patricia Lee and Billy Musick to Steve Gawronski and Sarah Gawronski, 3194 East Forest Street, $65,000.
Put In Bay Township- School
03/14/2022 Jon Ryan and Tesse Anne Ruhlman to Thomas M and Leigh LePlante, 1920 LePlante Lane, $40,000.
Put In Bay Corp
03/18/2022 Krueger Properties to Put-In-Bay Properties LLC, 441 Catawba Ave, $1,100,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
03/15/2022 Terry E Snyder and Darlene J Snyder to Krista M Hasselbach, 346 Toussaint Street, $28,000.


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