Real Estate Week Of 2/7/2022

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Week ending Jan. 28

Bay Township
01/24/2022 BEJ Family Limited Partnership to Heather Streight to Timothy Streight Jr, 5660 West Fremont Road, $149,000.
Carroll Township
01/28/2022 Nelson Lee Reau to Christine Dartt, 11360 West Toussaint Portage Road, $99,000.
Clay Township
01/26/2022 Kevin A Makin-Successor Trustee of The Kenneth J and Mary Margaret Makin Trust to Jessica Chappell and David Johnathan Chappell Jr, 23958 West Meadow Drive, $240,000.
Harris Township
01/24/2022 Robert A Herrig Jr and Melissa Herrig to First Horizon Bank, 2175 Hessville Road, $191,250.
Catawba Township
01/25/2022 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Neal R O’Malley and Mary R O’Malley, 0 North Carriage Lane Unit # 53, $21,000.
01/26/2022 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Ted Spidle-Trustee under His Declaration of Trust Dated Jan 15, 2014, 0 North Carriage Lane Unit # 61, $7,500.
01/27/2022 Stephen B Kump and Linda J Kump to Walter Marfechuk, 4640 East Catawba Woods Drive, $129,000.
01/28/2022 cc Boat Harbor Inc. to Paul G Logsdon and Barbara W Logsdon, 0 North Carriage Lane Unit # 54, $21,000.
Danbury Township
01/24/2022 Michelle DeArchangelis (Trustee) to Frank Serra, 8534 North Shore Boulevard, $120,000.
01/24/2022 James Kahoe and Sandra Kahoe to Michael A Ricciuti and Andrea M Ricciuti, 2610 South Waterside Court Unit # 532, $437,000.
01/25/2022 Samuel D Taylor and Mary L Taylor to Robert W Shevchuk, 5460 South Port Clinton Eastern Unit # 6, $38,500.
01/26/2022 Wayne E Kennedy to Kara Russo and Mario Russo, 1276 South Englebeck Road, $163,000.
01/26/2022 Peter Gentles to Sonja Kristensen, 5754 East Harbor Road, $100,000.
01/27/2022 Lee A French and Deborah J French to Anthony W Zelms and Tonda M Zelms, 5741 Von Glahn Road, $68,000.
01/28/2022 Shortridge Investments Properties LLC to Bruce Brockert, 440 Hartshorn Road, $300,000.
01/28/2022 Renee L Claycomb (Trustee) to Michael J Collins and Barbara J Collins, 314 Lighthouse Oval, $324,900.
01/25/2022 Kathy Lynn Nagy to Nav Construction LLC, 3785 East Baycliff Drive, $70,000.
01/26/2022 Lee R Walker and Cynthia J Walker to Michael Lee Ball, 126 West Main Street, $180,000.
01/28/2022 Michael J Collins and Barbara J Collins to Matthew J Kovach and Amanda K Kovach, 1006 Prairie, $379,900.
Port Clinton Corp
01/25/2022 Brian M Twarek to Steven Hohenberger and Elpida Hohenberger, 408 Harrison Street, $155,000.
01/27/2022 James M Pufnock and Deborah L Pufnock to Judy Jones and Lawrence Snell, 7316 Wethersfield Drive, $200,000.
Put In Bay Village School
01/28/2022 David A Soderberg Trustee of Barbara J Heineman Trust dtd 6/20/2003 to Heineman Winery Inc, 285 Thompson Ave, $505,000.
01/28/2022 David A Soderberg trustee of Louis V Heineman Trust dtd 4/30/1993 to Heineman Winery Inc, 0 Catawba Ave Lots 10-12, $62,000.
Salem Township
01/26/2022 Genzman Enterprises of Ohio LLC to Raymond F Harder and Nancy H Harder, 2951 South Four-Mile House Road, $340,000.
01/28/2022 Benjamin Bihn to Kim B Smith and Lisa A Smith, 12235 West State Route 105, $100,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
01/24/2022 Gary R Lemaitre and Susan K Lemaitre (Co-Trustee) to Benjamin A Spanfellner and Princelia Spanfellner, 262 West Water Street, $280,000.
01/28/2022 Pamela L Fredrick Successor Trustee of the Freimark Living Trust to Gerald R Hays and Dawn M Hayes, 45 West Park Street, $110,000.


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