Real Estate Week of 1/18/2021

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Week ending Jan. 8

Allen Township
01/08/2021 Daniel M Zellner to Tracy A Gallgher, 20921 West Johnson Street, $150,000.
Clay Center Corp
01/05/2021 David S and Deanna L Neuman to Michael Robert Meng, 2534 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $480,000.
Benton Township
01/05/2021 Mathew T Allen to Clifford J and Pamela R Parks, 15259 West Toussaint North Road, $165,000.
01/07/2021 Kenneth F and Jeffrey Wittman to Anthony J Jack, 18595 West State Route 579, $155,000.
01/08/2021 Ann T Tasch to Alan D and Gary W Seeger, 16221 West Moline Martin Road, $95,000.
Carroll Township
01/04/2021 Redyns Property Management to Rachel Nicole Elam and Matthew Thomas McIntosh, 6467 Teal Bend, $127,500.
01/11/2021 The Estate of Carol M Cashman to Lois and Nikolas Kyriazis, 10105 West Lake Ave, $227,000.
Catawba Island Township
01/05/2021 Guild Associates to The Dinovo Limited Liability Company, 1815 North Carriage Lane and O North Lakewood, $607,500.
01/06/2021 Robert W Briggs to Carol M Briggs, 4395 Marin Woods Drive, $259,000.
01/08/2021 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services, Robert R and Sautuen Belinda Chick, 3727 East Vineyard Village Drive, $190,000.
Clay Township
01/06/2021 Polly and Mark Berfield to Molly Skaff, 21420 West State Route 51, $10,000.
01/06/2021 Michael and Ann Nagy to Molly Skaff, 21420 West State Route 51, $10,000.
01/06/2021 Victor and Jeryl I Nagy to Molly Skaff, 21420 West State Route 51, $10,000.
01/05/2021 Ottawa Property Group to Integrity Process Properties, 0 Sherman, 212 Ottawa Street, 0 Ottawa Street, $900,000.
01/07/2021 Netcher Family Rentals LLC to Tristen C and Hannah Pocock, 334 Lincoln Street, $108,000.
Genoa Corp
01/05/2021 Benjamin and Courtney Andryc to Spencer P Kempf, 302 West 7th Street, $115,000.
01/05/2021 Chad M and Tina M Pressley to Jonathan G Beaber and Brianna M Roberts, 403 Superior Street, $125,000.
Danbury Township
01/05/2021 Beatrice M Sabatka to Daniel Sabatka, 2113 Harborview Drive, $170,335.
01/06/2021 Michael B and Elizabeth C Clearly to MMG Twin LLC, 515 Laurel Ave, $220,000.
01/07/2021 Jeffrey P Roth to William E Klaehn III, 895 South Church Road, $127,500.
01/08/2021 Linda S Schmardebeck to Stanley F Mizemy, 7251 East Tanglewood Drive, $20,000.
01/08/2021 Dale W and Victoria A Wiltse to David J and Alberta L Rochon, Poplar Lot, $160,000.
01/08/2021 Julia D Johnson to Bruce Ashmore and Shelly J Rappold, 182 Jasmine, $423,500.
Erie Township
01/05/2021 Juanita Mills-Persely to Yarletts Property Development LLC, 1850 West Lakeshore Drive, $157,000.
01/05/2021 Kristen T and Mark Shoup to Jacqueline M Berger, 51 Schooner Pointe Drive, $159,900.
Port Clinton Corp
01/04/2021 Deerskin Holdings LLC to Western Basin LLC, 60 North Madison Street, $285,000.
01/07/2021 Kevin J Eisenman, Joseph T and Rebecca Dandurand to Blake B and Shaylee B Calvert, 812 Lee Ave, $214,900.
01/08/2021 Cynthia J and Scott A Emch to LO CO Dove LLC, 808 Bataan Lane, $69,000.
Portage Township
01/04/2021 Eagles Nest Hangars LLC to James Andrew Huddleston, 750 SE Catawba Road, $160,000.
01/05/2021 Faythe E Turner to Douglas Thierwechter, 0 Dolores Drive #’s 20-23, 28-32, 44-48, $65,000.
01/05/2021 SE Catawba Investments LLC to 460 SE Catawba Road LLC, 460 Southeast Catawba Road, $800,000.
Middle Bass
01/07/2021 Matthew C Kenne, Marcia Frankart and Janet Kenne to Michael and Karen Cummings, 390 Burgundy Cove, $17,000.
Salem Township
01/05/2021 Huntington National Bank Trustee of Kenneth Gary Focht Living Trust to Joseph D Mowel, 2983 South State Route 19, $73,900.
01/05/2021 APCO LTD to Avery Dennison Corporation, 8095 West Lake Winds Parkway, $2,100,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
01/07/2021 Gregory J Grieger to Kyle M O’Neill, 188 Harvest Lane, $157,900.


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