Real Estate Week Of 10/18/2021

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Week ending Oct. 8

Allen Township
10/05/2021 Sanders Farms LLC to Lynne Marie Hogan-Kuntz (Trustee), 19440 West Walbridge Road, $48,000.
Benton Township
10/11/2021 Martha M Fritz and Robin S Fritz to Erin Scott, 2098 North Benton Carroll Road, $180,000.
Carroll Township
10/11/2021 Eleanor Vislasky Westfere to Corey Froelich and Bernardina Reyes, 6458 Teal Bend, $79,900.
10/11/2021 Lee Ann Dicesare to James R Plantz Jr and Katherine A Plantz, 6463 Teal Bend, $84,000.
Clay Township
10/07/2021 David Castilleja to Paul A Cleply, 0 State Route 51, $19,500.
Elmore Corp
10/05/2021 Lindsey E Roberts to Julie Ewersen, 256 Harris Street, $153,000.
Genoa Corp
10/05/2021 Steven L Campbell and Karen K Campbell to Katelynn M Opalka, 503 West 6th Street, $127,050.
10/07/2021 Robert W Salcedo to Stefanie Ruiz, 109 Main Street, $165,000.
Catawba Township
10/05/2021 MBC DEVELOPMENT LP to MARKS BVG LLC, 33147 Northeast Catawba, $1,700,000
10/05/2021 Bassett Land Company LLC to Thomas E Fought and Joan E Fought (Trustees), 1759 Lakewood Ave, $949,888.
10/08/2021 Susan F Sanders to Gilbert G Koch and Mary A Koch, 3158 North Marina View Drive Unit 1 CIC Storage Condo 1, $13,5000.
10/08/2021 Roger L Massie to Dennise M Armudson, 5293 East Lawrence Drive, $30,000.
10/08/2021 Vanda M Wahlers to Justin Jordan, 1324 North Orchard Beach Drive, $225,000.
Danbury Township
10/05/2021 Kathryn K Ellis Bates to Ty C and Jennifer A Cooper, 2091 South Bayview Drive, $380,000.
10/05/2021 Mark A Urrtla and Lisa A Urrtla to Carolyn Sue Becker, 531 Cedar, $420,000.
10/05/2021 Linda A Dubbert to Linda Guither, Ronald Dubbert & Ralph Dubbert, 0 Port Clinton Eastern, $46,000.
10/07/2021 Jane Gannon (Trustee of the Donald W Rahrig Trust) to Cesar Ho and Courtney Carper, 8349 East Reserve, $189,000.
10/08/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to James E Emmert and Deanna M Emmert, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-22, $111,200.
10/08/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Marion Kovac and Emily M Kovac, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-17, $116,500.
10/08/2021 Paul A Harlamert to Marcus A Gibbons and Jill Amos Gibbons, 528 North Hillcrest Drive, $380,000.
10/08/2021 Windridge Homes Limited to Darren L Teorsky and Kathie L Teorsky, 6132 East Regatta Passage, $478,000.
10/11/2021 Thomas B deHaas Jr to Ronald Ossovicki, Part of 87 North Riedmaier Drive, $27,808.
10/11/2021 Thomas B deHaas Jr to Ronald Ossovicki, Part of 87 North Riedmaier Drive, $6,468.
10/11/2021 Thomas B deHaas Jr to Richard McCumber and Diane McCumber, Part of 87 North Riedmaier Drive, $27,808.
10/11/2021 Thomas B deHaas Jr to Richard Hornung and Victoria Hornung, Part of 87 North Riedmaier Drive, $27,808.
10/11/2021 Julie D Natoli to Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio Inc, 2328 South Harbor Bay Drive, $114,900.
10/05/2021 Dale Kasco and Marian Kasco to Darin Reich and Denise Reich, 1665 North Harbor Bend Crossing, $87,000.
Erie Township
10/05/2021 Theresa Hoy Trustee of the Dale R Vance Trust to Janet Overfield and Michael Overfield, 3830 & 3832 West Harbor Road, $400,000.
10/05/2021 Janet Overfield and Michael Overfield to Gladhaven Campground and Marina LLC, 3830 & 3832 West Harbor Road, $200,000.
10/05/2021 Jeanie M and Arthur I Brown to Michael Sipsma and Debra Jadwisiak, 1220 West Richey Road (WS 59 and RV 28), $20,000.
Port Clinton Corp
10/04/2021 Preston K Atkins and Brandon S David to Frank Miles, 328-330 Superior Court, $43,900.
10/04/2021 W.W Emerson to BLJ Properties, 140 Buckeye Boulevard, $250,000.
10/04/2021 Mervat Z Aziz Trustee of the Mervat Z Aziz Declaration of Trust, Relico LLC, 1909 East Harbor Road #305w, $314,000.
10/05/2021 U.S Bank Trust National Association to Devon Perry, 524 Harrison Street, $89,900.
10/05/2021 Jon Keeley and Brenda Keeley to Christopher J Szuch and Donna L Szuch, 503 West Lakeshore Drive Unit #B5, $290,000.
10/05/2021 Cathy A Schellin to George L Hurrell II and Joan M Hurrell, 705 Glendale, $224,500.
10/07/2021 Jim Gregory Trustee of the Gregory Family Revocable Trust to William Clark, 232 Cedar Street, $85,000.
10/11/2021 Brooklyn Realty Holdings LLC to Alyssa G Arguz, 331 West 6th Street, $174,000.
10/11/2021 Stuart R Gahn and Jody L Gahn to Gabel Properties INC, 129 Buckeye boulevard, $300,000.
Portage Township
10/06/2021 Amber R Yarborogh to Vincent C Pacheco and Judy Pacheco, 340 Las Palmas, $258,500.
Middle Bass
10/05/2021 David B Mason to John E and Deborah J Grafmiller (½ interest) and Ryan E and Jessica A Grafmiller (½ interest), 1060 Gant Road, $40,000.
10/08/2021 Michael C Bartels and Lyndell L Bartels to Robert T Schneider and Roberta L Schneider, lot # 3-4 Curtis Subdivision, $80,000.
Salem Township
10/04/2021 Megan Nagy nka Olejownik to Heidi Hillenbrand, 184 Behlman Road, $195,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
10/07/2021 Robert L Wistinghausen and Kimberly Wistinghausen to Kricket Ann Hall-Mulligan, 159 East Main, $140,000.
10/07/2021 SKONIELOTS LLC to RanMon Investments LTD, 209 Benton Street, $129,000.
10/07/2021 Kozyland LLC to RanMon Investments LTD, 501 West Oak, $111,000.
10/08/2021 Joyce A King and James W King (Trustees) to Robert Allen Belair and Darlene Lousie Belair, 6575 North Humphrey Road, $140,000.


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