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Week ending April 12
Bay Township
04/11/2024 William Shawn Runyon and Lisa Runyon (9Co-Trustees) to Blake B Calvert, 605 South Fostoria Road, $220,000.
Carroll Township
04/09/2024 Tracy Whittaker & Wendy Whittaker to Robert Rife, 9040 Bier Road, $85,000.
04/08/2024 Waters Edge Equity Management LLC to Raymond John Hughes III & Trista Nicole Hughes, 6516 N Harris Harbor Dr., $243,000.
Clay Township
4/09/2024 Wojos Property Management LLC to Roy D McAllister and Patricia A McAllister, 23802 West Meadow Drive, $229,000.
Genoa Corporation
04/10/2024 Samuel F Fisher to Alex Gezo, 813 Cherry Street, $165,000.
Elmore Corporation
04/12/2024 Ralph Roger Frushour II to Jesse Lee Musgrove Jr and Lucy Inez Sanchez, $250,000.
Danbury Township
04/08/2024 Bay View Villas LLC to Mark T Earnest, 2715 South Harbor Bay Drive Unit # L1221 & Marina Slips # MS73&74, $579,7000.
04/069/2024 David R Wahlers (Trustee) to Craig E Forgatsch and Amy J Forgatsch, 5460 South Port Clinton Eastern Unit 16, $41,000.
04/10/2024 Shoreline Storage Suites LLC to Haasmosis LLC, 5850 E Harbor Road Unit #A-3, $135,000.
04/11/2024 Thomas A Prechtel & Trista M Prechtel to Gregory J Smink & Donna M Smink, 1510 N Buck Rd #116, $100,000.
Portage Township
04/10/2024 Storage Condominiums Inc to Catawba Island Candle LLC, 764 Southeast Catawba Units 82 & 83, $301,600. 04/11/2024 Walter R McKenna to Eric A Glynn, 3925 East Kirk Road, $406,000.
Port Clinton Corporation 04/10/2024 Kevin R Belden and Laurence N Belden to Melissa D Sensmeier and Doug Biro, 904 Glendale Drive, $299,000.
04/12/2024 Linda L Thatcher and Paul E Thatcher (Trustees) to PC LAKE LIFE LLC, 228 West Lakeshore Apt. D, $190,000.
04/12/2024 David Johnson and LeAnndra L Johnson to Haley M Goth, 604 East 10th Street, $235,000.
04/12/2024 Jennie M Dodge and Michael G Dodge to Sandra Emerick and Daniel Emerick, 1102 East Second Street, $250,000.
Put In Bay Corporation
04/10/2024 Gerald J Schreiner and Jane M Schreiner to Octopus’s Garden LLC, 348 West Toledo Unit H, $350,000.
Put In Bay Township
04/09/2024 Lawrence C Knaser & Tamara A Niese-Knaser to Miller Boat Line Inc, 1360 Warden Road, $870,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
04/12/2024 Paul Bergman to Amber Binder and Timothy Byram, 165 Portage Street, $208,000.
04/12/2024 Marie D Darr to Kathryn R Hollis & Devin Armstrong, 330 W Washington St, $179,000.


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