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Week ending Sept. 1

Allen Township
09/01/2023 Lawrence S & Ashley B Fairall to Shawn Michael & Shawnee C Cuthbertson, 21821 & 21800
West Trowbridge Rd, $135,000.
Benton Township
08/30/2023- Shane A Cruthers to Andrea N Hayes, 2510 North State Route 590, $82,500.
09/01/2023 Raymond G David and Ann D David to Tiffany A Miller, 2798 North Elliston Trowbridge & 0 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $200,000.
Bay Township
Ellen M Brindley to Kathy J Martin, 6815 West Boysen Road & 0 Boysen Road, $68,5000.
BCS School in Bay
Carroll Township
08/28/2023 Estate of Olin Coutcher to Dwight R & Cheryl A Sawyer, 9581Robinwood Drive, $240,000.
08/30/2023 Randal C Byrd and Thomas M Dineen to Jennifer K Smith, 6607 North Humprey Road, $179,900.
08/31/2023 Geraldine B Brock (Trustee) to Joyce Phillips, 9695 West Hollywood Drive, $10,000.
09/01/2023 Mark S Dickens & Christopher Dickens to Jeff & Kimberly
A Morton, 8920 Canada Goose , $229,900.
Clay Township
08/29/2023-Susan M. Durell to Wojo Properties, LLC, 23802 W Meadow Dr.$115,000.00
08/31/2023 Michael D Malone, Kevin M Malone & Carole A Everhardt, to Kristina M Everhardt & Adam C.J. Henninger, 1811 N Billman Rd., $180,000.
09/01/2023- DeAnne O. Wiese to Donald Julius, 0West State Route 163, $16,000.
Genoa Corp
08/28/20203 Dyan K Kemley to Gail McWatters and Justin McWatters, 3995 Wallingford Court, $377,500.
09/01/2023 Rebecca L Hamilton to Jacob M Stewart, 809 Cherry St., $150,000.
09/01/2023 Amy J Shamp nka Amy J Martin to Cory M Speelman, 310 West 9th Street, $185,000.
Harris Township
08/31/2023 Christopher J Nissen and Kelly L Nissen by a Private Selling Officer to Eric R Amstutz, 15820 West Yeasting Road, $210,800.
Elmore Corporation
08/30/2023 Mermill LLC to Amy Nelson, 316 Clinton Street, $235,000.
Catawba Township
08/28/2023 William J Feczer Jr- Successor Trustee of The Feczer Family Revocable Living Trust U.A.D 7/9/99 to Martin Geraghty and Rusti Porter, 3751 North Karwood Drive, $360,000.
08/30/2023- Jeruth LLC to JR Miller Management LTD, 1718 NW Catawba Road, $287,000.
08/30/2023 Mary D Yark to Kevin M & Jean M Kilbane, 2923 N Sanctuary Drive, $430,000.
09/01/2023 Doug & Becky Asbury to Joseph & Amy Mahler, 1587 n Windward, $40,000.
09/01/2023- Doug Asbury to Alease M Cameratta and John A Cameratta, 0 N Windword, $10,000.
09/01/2023 William C Brandt and Jo Ann Sorg to Gregg P Mylett –Trustee of the Gregg P Mylett Revocable Trust dated 02/06/2015, 4532 East Harbor’s Edge Unit #6-3, $725,000.
Danbury Township
08/28/2023 Wayne C Roth and Mary Beth Roth to Kevin W Day and Diane Day, 10234 East Bayshore Road, $275,000.
08/28/2023 Barbara Petersen to Douglas J Shealy and Daniel W Shealy, 961 South Church & 0 Church, $625,000.
08/30/2023 William Dieterich and Kieko Dieterich to Kathryn S Clark and Curtis Clark, 422 Jasmine Avenue, $552,5000.
08/30/2023 Mary H Kuns and Gary Kuns to Timothy P Lubbe and Kathryn E. Lenz, 2301 South Split Rock Drive, $67,000.
08/30/2023 Nan J King (Trustee) to MMG Twin LLC, 418 Lakefront, $900,000.
08/31/2023 Jan S Hilty to Thomas F & Stephanie B Jones, 403 Cherry Avenue, $400,000.
08/31/2023 Patricia A Stewart and James Stewart to Robert Thomas Sheaffer and Jill Michele Sheaffer, 523 Blue Water Drive, $405,000.
08/31/2023- Joan F. Waikem (Trustee) to Nancy C Waikem Trustee of the David C. Waikem GST Exempt Family Trust dated August 25, 2020, $1,150,000.00
09/01/2023 Julie N Clement to Amanda P & Robert C Sprague, 419 W 4th St, $525,000.
09/01/2023 Nathan Brosius and Jennifer M Brosius to Jennifer Smalley-Trustee of the Jennifer Smalley Living Trust, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # D-4, $110,000.
Put In Bay Township- School
08/31/2023 Walter Duff, Allen Duff, and Marvin Duff to Douglas M Pohle and Paula A Pohle, 0 Mitchell Road (.0620 acres),$10,000.
Put In Bay Corp
08/28/2023 Geraldine H Arcoria to Mark R & Teresa A Wilman, 228 Ibis, $ 937,000.
08/31/2023 Walter Duff, Allen Duff and Marvin Duff to Put In Bay Township Park District, 0 Bayview (4.45 acers), 1,500,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
08/30/2023 Cecelia M Jacobs to Dyan & Isiah Denmeade, 151 Brookside, $327,000.
Port Clinton
08/31/2023 Chassey M Turner nka Chassey m Miller to Kayla M Woods and Morgan G Mallory, 610 Clinton Street, $205,000.
09/01/2023 Torent Capital LLC to JohnDingman & Marth Turner, 117 W 5th St, $95,000.
09/01/2023- Kevin W. Eden and Karrie L Bunn to Timothy B Atkinson Trustee (The Timothy B Atkinson Trust), 2901 N. Villa Court C., $510,000.


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