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Week ending march 17

Allen Township
03/14/2023 Ronald A Witt (Trustee) to BRB 77 Properties LLC, 7180 North Lake Street, $137,500.
Benton Township
03/15/2023 Bradley A Schuchert and Amy L Schuchert to Michael R Riojas, 5691 North Lemon Road, $8,000.
Bay Township
03/17/2023 Robin S Biggert and Charles L Biggert Jr. to Amy D Below and David A Below, 0 Streeter (6.681acres), $190,000.
Carroll Township
03/16/2023 Cory M Barnett to Miranda Herevia, 6390 Teal Bend, $105,000.
03/17/2023 Jack A Glass aka Jack Arnold Glass and Terri Glass aka Terri Lyn Glass to Paradise Acres Campground Ltd, 4305 and 0 North Rider Road, $3,700,000.
Genoa Corp
03/15/2023 William P Wagoner to Christina Beth Wagoner, 1314 Wets Street, $79,030.
Elmore Corporation
03/17/2023 Ronald K Giesler and Kathleen L Giesler to Jacqueline A Schroeder, 357 Lincoln Street, $134,000.
Catawba Township
03/14/2023 Veronda K Renz HTTA Veronda K Meikle to Eileen K Boldebuck, 4753 Eats Woodland Drive, $405,000.
03/15/2023 Jeanette C Beamer to Kristine K Pauley, 2739 Canterbury Circle Unit D, $377,500.
03/17/2023 Carol M Stradtman to Fiscen LLC, 0 E Pine Drive, $345,000.
03/17/2023 Michael T Fite (Trustee) to Deniell D Schaffer, 36438 Wendell Street, $425,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/15/202 Kimberly J Webb and Charles R Webb Jr. to Albert Velasquez and Renee Velasquez, 610 East Perry Street, $499,900.
03/15/2023 Amber J Clute to Michael A Robinette, 518 Short Street, $170,000.
03/16/2023 James G Fernandez to Hartlage Enterprises LLC, 230 West Fifth Street, $85,000.
03/16/2023 Albert Hayes and Jenna Hayes to William Haidle, 172 Clinton Reef, $215,900.
03/17/2023 Ronald Neki (25% interest) to Weekend Anchor LLC, 238 West Lakeshore Drive Apt. 8, $60,000.
03/17/2023 Benjamin M Andryc and Courtney A Andryc to Patricia U Pernicano and Kevin M Pernicano, 618 East Third Street, $180,000.
Portage Township
03/16/2023 United States Gypsum Company to Columbia Gas Of Ohio Inc., 1.2052acres on Gypsum Road, $30,000.


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