Real Estate

Week ending June 28

Allen Township
06/27/24 Roland J. Wise to Mark D. Sommer, 4159 N. Sonny Dr., $285,000.
Genoa Corporation
06/28/2024 Brookman Consulting Inc to Katie Speiker, 920 Washington Street, $175,000.
Catawba Township
06/24/2024 Jordan M Davenport, John M Davenport, Janet M Davenport & Jerry M Davenport to William F Reineke Jr., 0 Overlook Dr., $900,000.
06/24/2024 Paul J. Gedert, Trustee to Charles E. Proch, Jr. & Heather D. Cousino Proch, 2819 E. Sand Rd., $940,000.
06/24/2024 Peter F Wagner to Michael Della Vella and Laura F Della Vella, 2216 North Carriage Lane, $487,000. 06/26/2024 Rhonda L Corn to Jared J Hohman, 4622 Catawba Woods Rd., $169,000.
06/27/2024 Donna Johnson to Albert P Leonard & Jacqueline M Leonard, 2901 D.N. Villa Court, $425,000.
06/27/2024 Fiscen, LLC to Michael A Debo & Mary A Debo, 4440 E Island Pine Dr., $475,000.
06/28/2024 Carole R. Weissberg, Trustee to Scott Mielke & Sharon Mielke, 1859 NE Catawba Rd #115, $272,000.
06/28/2024 Catawba Shores investment Ltd to Catawba Shores Condominium Owners Association Inc, 5905 East Catawba Shores Drive Unit #17, $230,000.
06/28/2024 Andrea M Odendahl- Trustee of The Andrea M Odendahl Trust to Jeffrey H Neal and Francine G Neal, 4395 Maron Woods A & D7, $580,000.
Harris Township
06/24/2024 Michelle R Schroeder Executrix of the Estate of Jerry J O’Kenka to Jerill L Wendt, 18270 West Sugar View Drive, $60,000.
Harris Elmore Corporation
06/25/2024 Richard E Kuhlman-Trustee of the Richard E Kuhlman and Judy L Kuhlman Revocable Living Trust dated June 10, 1996 to Robert L Samson and Laura J Samson, 660 Rice Street, $127,000.
Danbury Township
06/25/2024 Service Leaders LLC to Cory & Jolena Miller, 2674 South Waterside Court, $400,000.
06/27/2024 Shoreline Storage Suites LLC to Accord Property Management LLC, 5850 East Harbor Road Unit #A9 and AA1, $158,300.
06/27/2024 Shoreline Storage Suites LLC to Paul A Doerr and Linda K DoerrTrustees of the Crossroads Trust dated November 1,2022, 5850 East Harbor Road Unit #A12, $138,450.
06/28/2024 Michael D Martien & Debra Martien to Dale T Barnes & Debra A Barnes, 6005 East Harbor Rd. Unit 2C, $485,000.
06/28/2024 John A Eckert to Thomas E Hilt, 8224 East Lake Boulevard and lot A-51, $225,000.
06/28/2024 Shoreline Storage Suites LLC to Aaron J Porter & Jennifer Porter, 5850 E Harbor Road Unit #A16, $163,400. 06/28/2024 Legacy Homes of Medina Inc to Michael A Garber & Lorna A Garber, 270 N Lighthouse Oval, $489,000. 06/28/2024 Shoreline Storage Suites LLC to David W Busch and Jeanne Heft BuschTrustees of the Busch Living Trust dated February 18 2016, 5850 East Harbor Road Unit #A13, $131,950.
Marblehead Corporation
06/25/24 Jacob H. Lavelle and Monica O. Lavelle to Timothy Robert Milanich and Megan Wands Milanich, 4578 East Forest Glen Lane, $555,000.
06/26/2024 George J Glinski and Christine a Glinski to CIN-KAT Investments LLC, 457 Bay Point Boulevard, $675,000. 06/27/2024 Kevin M Kilbane & Jean Kilbane to Robert Plemel & Callista Plemel, 172 Cove Court Unit 22, $795,000. 06/28/2024 Scott M Craft & Michelle R Craft to John A Eckert & Nicole M Eckert, 128 Cove Court, $760,000.
06/28/2024 Brian T Kowalski Trustee of the Barbara A Kowalski Family Trust to Kerry A Barrett, 3574-3575 South Memorial Shoreway Drive, $750,000.
06/28/2024 Ryan W Pirmat & Jennifer F Pirmat to Paul Louis Toth Jr. & Ginny Johnson Toth, 10654 E Bayshore Rd. #93, $475,000.
Erie Township
06/28/2024 Anthony Garzony to George J Glinski & Christine A Glinski, 1215 Lakeshore, $570,000.
06/28/2024 Autumn D. Hogan to Karen R. Stigall & William Scott Stigall, 43 N. Schooner Point Dr., $190,000.
Portage Township
06/27/2024 Peter Mulcahy & Deborah Mulcahy to Lori A Pitzer & Scott K Pitzer, 764 SE Catawba Unit 74, $99,995.
06/28/2024 The Catawba Moorings Inc to Bruce A Anderson, 750 SE Catawba Road, $100,000.
Port Clinton Corporation
06/24/2024 JAS Investment Properties LLC to Xanadu Properties LLC, 215 Walnut Street, $140,000.
06/25/2024 John T McElwee and Donna McElwee to Jerry Blevins and Whitney Blevins, 1803 East Perry Street #48, $375,000.
Put In Bay Township
06/25/24 Justine N. Loesser to Nathaniel Cornett and Lisa Wolters, 140 Norman Dr., $380,000.
06/26/2024 John & Michelle Lagor to Carolyn A. Young, 1230 Put In Bay Rd., $24,600.
Salem Township
06/24/2024 Joshua Burks and Kellie Burks to Kelly Shawn Croy and Lorrain R Croy, 11913 West Michael Drive, $457,600.
06/25/2024 Katelyn D McRitchie to Nathaniel L Golden and Steffani S Golden, 2248 South Mud Creek Road, $265,000. 06/28/2024 Randall M Tice to Kenneth Gresh and Sandra Brough-Gresh, 1273 South Grandview, $52,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
06/28/2024 Myron R Welch to Alexis Krum, 355 East Ottawa Street, $155,000.


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