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Allen Township
08/21/2023 David Golis to Brandon M Floro and Sarah L Floro, 0 Trowbridge (4.923 acres), $55,000.
08/23/2023- William Tucker and Elaine Tucker to Gregory S. Harman and Brenda S Harman, 22152 Red Clover Lane, $449,410.
Benton Township
08/25/2023 Shawn St Clair and Jennifer St Clair Russell to Brandon Campbell, 1781 Chestnut Street, $182,000.
Bay Township
08/25/2023 Jamie L Palmer to Jerry Hill and Nancy Kidd, 531 South Findlay Unit # 3, $55,000.
Catawba Township
08/23/2023- Veronica A. Milnark Trustee to Joseph Gregory Inks, Zosha Rachel Morse and Ronald C Walker, 770 Lost Lake, $215,000.
08/23/2023 S & L Acquisitions LLC to Daniel F McCartney, 1871 Northwest Catawba Road, $55,000.
Danbury Township
08/21/2023 James K & Vicki M McElheny to Katherine M Bauer, 317 Oak Avenue, $500,000.
08/21/2023 David P & Louise B Rush to Teresa M Roth & Larry C Von Kuster, 1674 304 E 6th, $404,832.
08/22/2023 Richard L Thompson and Pauline Thompson to Gregory W Huffman and Cindy S Brundage, 2378 Knob Hill, $95,000.
08/24/2023- ATAM FBO Stan Kornasiewicz Custodial IRA to Frank E Burks and Barbara A Burks, 2223 South Bristol Drive,$617,500.
08/24/2023 Gary L Haar and Sharon A Haar to William E Klaehn III and Margaret A Klaehn, 66 North Erie Beach Road, $200,000.
08/25/2023-Patricia Ann Case to Mary Beth Contessa, 2140 Sauger Drive, $145,000.
08/25/2023-North Coast Zoological LLC to Ronel LLC, 10.8230 Acers Bayshore Road, $300,000.
Erie Township
08/21/2023 Arlene A Carr to R-SNG Solutions Inc, 1543 Rymers Rd., $63,000.
08/22/2023 Kristina l Searight to Cheran Ashley Nicole Farrow, 6089 West Harbor Road and ) west Harbor Road, $164,900.
08/23/2023- Gregory M. Decker and Jennifer L Decker to Deborah S. Bolden, 1220 W Richey,$30,000.
08/24/2023 Duepree Pitts and Lu Anne R Pitts to David Kashuk, 5410 West Railroad Street & 0 Tettau, $125,000.
Portage Township
08/25/2023 Sockmonkey LLC to Jeffrey A VanDootingh and Diana L VanDootingh, 750 Southeast Catawba Eagles Nest #14, $207,000.
Put In Bay Township- School
08/21/2023 Equity Trust Custodian FBO Paul Jeris to Equity Trust Custodian FBO Irina White (3%), 1511 Leeward Lane, $7,800.
Salem Township
08/22/2023 Barbara S & William L Lodermeier to Rachel & Eric Edringer, 0 Oak Ridge Dr., $30,000.
08/22/2023 Dustin J & Cheyann M Hetrick, 2112 S Mud Creek, $5,800.
Port Clinton
08/21/2023 Roger J Basil to Rachel Dee Petersen,611 Alice St., $175,000.
08/21/2023 David L Nelson & John K Nelson to Scott Free Services LLC, 536 E 11th St., $142,000.
08/25/2023 Carey E Clum and Catherine A Clum to Jacqueline A Gerber, 226 Washington Street, $270,000.


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