Property rezoning proposal to go to village council

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The Elmore Planning Commission is split on a proposal to rezone a 52-acre parcel the village owns on Dischinger Road.
The commission voted 3-2 last week to forward a proposal to rezone the parcel from R-2 to R-3 on to village council for consideration.
Mayor Rick Claar, a member of the commission, said members also held a public hearing July 14 to discuss the rezoning.
A rezoning would allow for the construction of multi-family units to be permitted on the property thus making it more attractive for potential development, he said. Under the R-2 classification, only single-family housing is permitted and a conditional-use permit is required for condominiums.
According to property records in the Ottawa County treasurer’s office, the property has an appraised value of $125,080 and a taxable value of $43,780. There are no buildings on the property.
The village purchased the property in 1991, the mayor said.
“This rezoning would make the property more valuable for developers to consider buying so we can grow the village through residential development,” he said. “As growth takes place income tax revenue collected would help maintain and grow the village’s general fund which pays for parks, police protection and the many village services Elmore residents have become accustomed to.”
Claar also noted that residential growth would be good for Woodmore schools since approximately $950 in property tax goes to the schools for every $100,000 of valuation.


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