ProMedica launches Virtual Cardiac Recovery Program

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        ProMedica announced on Nov. 8 the launch of its virtual cardiac recovery program, which provides qualified patients with the option to engage in cardiac rehabilitation online directly from home. In partnership with Recora, ProMedica now enables patients to leverage virtual tools to access on-demand cardiac recovery care teams and other resources.
        The program empowers patients to manage their heart health from home while enabling providers to deliver comprehensive cardiac care and strengthen patient relationships.
        Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program moves beyond 12 weeks of rehabilitation to deliver comprehensive care management that focuses on a patient's overall health and wellness.
        “The future of cardiac rehabilitation is moving to a virtual environment, and we know it is imperative we are prepared to deliver this service to our patients,” said Linda Chambers, associate vice president of rehabilitation services at ProMedica. “By adding a virtual program, we expect to see our patients increase activity in cardiac rehab from the traditional model, which would likely provide tremendous improvements in patient outcomes and increase expected years of living. With the program’s ease-of-use and ability to eliminate barriers to attending sessions, we are excited to see the impact this will make on our community.”
        Recora currently serves cardiac patients in the U.S. across health systems, health plans and medical groups in urban, suburban and rural communities.
        “It is a thrill to partner with ProMedica on their journey towards providing virtual cardiac rehab to the people of Ohio and Michigan,” said Recora CEO Abhishek Chandra. “The need for cardiac rehab patients to increase engagement in recovery programs has never been greater. With only one in four eligible patients starting cardiac rehab, adding a virtual option has been shown to engage more patients overall, greatly reduce hospital readmissions, and significantly increase the number of patients who complete their cardiac recovery program.”
        Recora's Cardiac Recovery Program has garnered industry-leading results that include:
        • 15% hospital readmission rate for Recora patients, versus the national average of 43% across Medicare patients with heart failure at six months.
        • 87% Recora cardiac recovery program completion rate, versus the national average of 26%.
        • 80% of patients with hypertension markedly improved their blood pressure due to diet and exercise
        • 94% of Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication.
        • 80% improvement of distance and strength gains among Recora patients.
        Patients interested in exploring the option of virtual cardiac rehabilitation should contact their ProMedica physician or sign up to determine eligibility through


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