Project Appleseed hosting rifle marksmanship clinic

Project Appleseed will hold a rifle marksmanship event on June 25-26 at the Oak Harbor Conservation Club on Gordon Road. 

This unique event teaches fundamental rifle marksmanship skills together with stories about the important role that marksmanship played during the Revolutionary War.

The two-day event will include instruction on gun safety, proper marksmanship techniques and live fire practice. Students will also have the opportunity to earn the coveted Rifleman patch by shooting a qualifying score on the Appleseed Qualification Test (AQT).

In addition to expert marksmanship instruction, students will hear historical storytellers passionately share the Three Strikes of the Match, a series of three pivotal events that ignited the Revolutionary War.

Project Appleseed focuses on teaching traditional rifle marksmanship skills while reconnecting Americans of all ages and backgrounds to the people and events of the founding of our country. Participants learn about the difficult choices, heroic actions, and sacrifices that the Founders made on their behalf in order to secure our nation’s independence and freedom. Project Appleseed is served by more than 650 volunteers and has taught more than 70,000 people in all 50 states since 2006.

Project Appleseed events are suitable for both new and experienced shooters. Families are welcome.

The event at 975 Gordon Road is 8:30-5 p.m. daily. Cost is $75 for adults and $30 for youth 18 and under. For active duty military and law enforcement, cost is $30. Visit



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