People Week of 9/23/19

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Pen pals with the White House

Since 2013, Chris Dietrich, of Elmore, has been offering his ideas on how to improve food production and other aspects of farming to occupants of the White House.
And he’s received responses.
An August 2016 letter to Dietrich from The White House thanks him for writing and states the Farm Bill signed by former President Barack Obama “provides new opportunities and expanded markets for organic and locally produced foods.”
Dietrich’s family owned a natural foods store in Toledo.
In 2017, Dietrich received a holiday card from the Obama White House.
He’s also been writing to the Trump White House and has received two responses.
Meanwhile Clarence Gafeney, a Toledo resident and Vietnam era Navy veteran, received a reply from the Trump White House this summer to his letter citing the need to assist returning vets facing mental issues.
“I am taking action to ensure veterans have access to mental health services and resources to prevent homelessness and suicide during their return to civilian life from military service,” the response says.


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