Parks, recreation levy on Genoa ballot

By Larry Limpf

As the administration of the Village of Genoa sees it, a 0.75-mill, 5-year parks levy on the Nov. 5 ballot will be up for “renewal” because it’s not been collecting property tax revenues for the past year after being in effect for the previous five years.
The ballot language, however, describes the issue as an additional tax. It generates about $27,900 annually, according to the county auditor’s office.
“The history of this levy is actually renewal in the sense we let this lapse for one year to give residents a break, however with the planned improvements to the park we felt it was necessary to put it back on the ballot,” Kevin Gladden, village administrator, said. “It is for the same amount as the previous levy with no increase.”
Several improvements for the quarry and park are planned, including the replacement of the slide at the quarry and possibly adding another slide. The soccer facilities will be expanded to add some recreation teams now playing in the Village of Clay Center, Gladden said.
“We also plan to add lights to another ball diamond and some fencing will be replaced,” he said, and a new metal roof has been installed on the main shelter house and will need to be painted.
Costs for lifeguards at the quarry have also risen after village council agreed to pay for their training to attract more qualified applicants.
“The costs for that training have gone up as they need a license for deep water since it is an open quarry,” Gladden said.
The hot, humid weather this summer boosted the use of the quarry by residents, mayor Ken Harsanje said.

Town hall project
A project to upgrade the town hall building and elevator servicing the civic theatre won’t be completed until November.
The Ottawa County commissioners recently approved a change order for the project that extends the completion date to Nov. 8 but the cost will remain the same.
A Community Development Block Grant was awarded to help pay for the project. The contractor is Davis & Newcomer Electric Elevator Co.
Mayor Harsanje said an informal reception will be held when the work is complete.


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