Ottawa County:Township, village, school board seats to be decided

Larry Limpf

Ottawa County voters will see a mix of contested and uncontested races on the Nov. 5 ballot.
In The Press circulation area, interim Elmore mayor Rick Claar, who was appointed after the resignation of Matt Damschroder, is being challenged for the seat by James Krumnow, a member of council and brother of former mayor Lowell Krumnow.
Claar, who was president of council when Damschroder resigned recently, is currently filling Damschroder’s mayoral term, which ends Dec. 31.
The race for two seats on village council is uncontested with Zachary Floro, an incumbent, and William Kieffer, who was appointed to a seat, the only candidates.
The Village of Genoa will have a new mayor with incumbent Ken Harsanje opting to not seek re-election. Thomas Bergman and Timothy Davies, Sr. are vying for the seat.
Incumbent Jacob Diebert and Zachary McPherson are the only candidates for two seats on council.
In the Village of Clay Center, incumbent mayor Mark Franks is being challenged by Melvin Sprauer but two council incumbents, Marilyn Opfer and Michael Preest are unopposed for two seats.
There are no competitive races in Oak Harbor, where Quinton Babcock is the only candidate for mayor and Austin Short the sole candidate for council.
Brenda Goetz is the only mayor candidate in the Village of Rocky Ridge and Sam Rose and incumbent Valerie Winterfield are the only candidates for two council seats.
In Carroll Township, incumbent James Meek faces a challenge from Richard Keiser for one seat on the township board of trustees.
In the race for the fiscal officer’s post, incumbent Tina Gyde is being challenged by Tina Biggert.
Clay Township trustee Gaylord Sheldon is being challenged by Michael Diekman for one seat on that board but the incumbent fiscal officer, Christina Sheldon, is not being challenged.
In Harris Township, incumbent trustee Jerald Haar and incumbent fiscal officer Laura Hazel are unchallenged.
Richard Lenke, an incumbent trustee in Salem Township, is uncontested in his bid to return to his seat but the incumbent fiscal officer, Susan Perrin, faces a challenge from Aaron Avery.
Terms for fiscal officers begin March 31, 2020.
The race for seats on the Benton-Salem-Carroll school board is uncompetitive with incumbents Heather Dewitz and Steve Rhodes the only candidates.
Two incumbents on the Genoa school board, Christina Lewis and Ronald Rightnowar, face write-in challenges from Keith Traver and Kenneth Reno.
Louis Wargo, III, and Michael Bassett are vying for the Ottawa County Municipal Court judge position.


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