Ottawa County: Seasonal load limits OK'd

Larry Limpf

A reduction in the load limit for vehicles travelling on Ottawa County roads is set to go into effect next month.
The county commissioners have approved a reduction of up to 50 percent of the maximum limit effective February 1. The reduction will be in effect during “the period of freezing and thawing” and signs will be posted indicating the lower load limits.
Drivers needing a hauling permit to travel on roads with reduced load limits should contact the county engineer’s office to apply for one.
The permits are effective on township and county roads and are void within corporation limits.
According to the permit application, each vehicle must be manned by two drivers or operators. No vehicle or loads in excess of the prescribed legal limits shall be permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Vehicles transporting loads in excess of the prescribed legal limits will be permitted to operate only during daylight hours and must be equipped with red flags, flares and other warning lights for use in emergency stops.
Damage to roads, bridges or culverts is the responsibility of the hauler. Repairs will be made by the county engineer’s office and costs will be presented to the permit holder.
Any special hauling permits issued for Gypsum Road, Plasterbend Road and portions of Lockwood and State roads will be issued at permitee’s risk.
“These areas have been known to produce sink holes and undermining due to local mining operations. The Ottawa County Engineer’s Office urges permittee to take all necessary precautions and assumes no liability for the use of these roads,” the permit says.

Budget approved
The commissioners last week approved the 2020 budget for county offices and departments of $94 million, including a general fund of $18.2 million.
The commissioners project general fund revenues to reach $18.6 million and expenses to be about $392,839 less than that.
The expense projections include a 2.5 percent pay increase – about 60 cents per hour – for non-union employees in departments covered by the general fund. The pay hike goes into eff


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