OSS Solid Waste District announces 2023 special collections

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Seneca Solid Waste District holds special collection events each year for residents to properly dispose of unwanted materials. These materials are grouped into four main categories: electronics, tires, appliances and household hazardous waste (HHW).
Collections are open to all residents of Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca counties. Items from businesses and institutions are not accepted at these collections. This is a mostly free service for residents, aside from some small fees for certain TV’s during the electronics collection, and a small fee for tires at the residential tire collection.
In an effort to be prepared with supplies and workers for each collection, the District requires residents to pre-register for each collection. Registration can be completed online at RecycleOSS.org, or by calling 419-334-7222 ext. 0 and following the prompt provided.
Collections will be held in all three counties. Information specific to all of the District’s special collections, including dates times and locations, can be found while registering.
• Registration for the electronics collection will begin March 1 and will be open until the end of April. There will be a $5 charge for glass tube televisions that are 24” or less, and $10 for and that are 25” and larger. Console, DLP and projection screen TVs will not be accepted in this collection. Television screens with broken screens are also not accepted for the safety of the collection volunteers. A full list of items accepted and not accepted can be found at RecycleOSS.org/television-electronics-collection/.
• Registration for the residential tire collection will run April 1 through the end of May. Tires will be accepted on or off the rim. The recycling fee for residential tires is $1 each, and $3 each for racing tires. Those who plan to drop off more than 10 tires for the residential tire collection should call the OSS office for specific instructions.
• Registration for both the appliance and the HHW collections will be held Sept. 1-Oct. 12. These two collections will be on the same date time and location. Those who plan to attend both should register for both.
Items primarily made of steel, including air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lawn mowers and items containing Freon will be taken at no charge at the appliance collection. Residents should be sure to remove any food items inside freezers and refrigerators.
Items made primarily of plastic will not be accepted, including plastic fans and vacuum cleaners.
The following items will no longer be accepted at the HHW collection – motor oil, lead acid batteries, gas cylinders, and non-regulated putties and adhesives.
Used motor oil can be taken to a number of auto service stores in the area including, Wal-Mart, O’Reilly’s and Advance Auto Part, as well as many local auto service stores in the area.
Likewise auto service shops that sell lead acid batteries will also take the old batteries for proper disposal. Rechargeable batteries can be taken Lowes Department store for recycling. Alkaline batteries are non-hazardous and once dead can be disposed of properly in trash bags. Gas canisters and cylinders, including propane (accepted at the District’s appliance collections), helium, Freon, isocyanates, CO2, O, MAPP gas, acetylene, argon, etc. are no longer going to be accepted at the HHW collection. All of the remaining gases are accepted locally at Environmental Recycling Group and Rader Environmental.
Unlike other years, there will only be one collection date for each of the special collections offered by the District.
Visit recycleoss.org or call 419-334-7222 for more information.


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