Oregon to see changes in refuse collection starting on Dec. 1

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon residents will see changes in their refuse collection starting Dec. 1. Automated trucks will be picking up containers, though residents may still put out bags of garbage.
        The city is making sure residents know about the changes, according to City Administrator Mike Beazley.
        “A letter went out to all households, and there’s information on our website,” said Beazley.
        “There are two things we want to emphasize: We still have unlimited pickup. That’s the number one question we are getting from residents. But there is a change in schedule, so the day of the week may be different from the day they had before. So they have to look at the letter we sent, or look at the map on our website.”
        Other changes include the end of curbside recycling. City Council weeks ago voted for a five year contract with Republic Services of Toledo for refuse and yard waste collection and disposal, not Waste Management, whose refuse collection and recycling service with the city ends Dec. 1 The new contract with Republic Services of Toledo does not include curbside recycling due to a big increase in costs.
        Curbside recycling services are facing challenges across the country, with many communities discontinuing their recycling programs. Much of the items placed in recycling bins are being rejected at the recycling center or are being shipped overseas and put in landfills. The global market has not changed or improved, and the cost to process the recycling continues to rise. China used to be the biggest importer of recycled materials for the U.S. But in 2018, it stopped accepting most foreign recyclables to cut down on pollution. China continues to limit its recycling import product to a 0.5 percent contamination limit. This limit massively affects the global market for recycling and increases the processing costs.
        “It’s the most significant change. We will continue to explore that issue in the future if the market changes. Right now, for this contract, we don’t have curbside recycling,” said Beazley.
        Residents will also be receiving carts from Republic Services of Toledo as trash containers to be picked up by automated garbage trucks.
        “Republic is providing a wheeled cart for every house,” said Beazley. “Residents are not required to use it. They can continue to put out bags of garbage. They can also use their old recycling cart,” he said.
        The city will also have bi-weekly large item pickup for current curbside residential customers.
        Republic will provide a five day collection schedule per week. There is a map on the Oregon website, Oregonohio.org, that shows the collection day for each area. Refuse will need to be placed at the curb or along the pavement by 7 a.m. on the day of collection and no earlier than 8 p.m. the night before.
        Residents are encouraged to use the current recycle container for trash in addition to the 95 gallon rolling container.
        “There’s less trash blowing around the neighborhood. On windy days, we have garbage cans knocked over and blowing down the block,” he said. In addition, it leads to less injuries to refuse collection personnel.
        “There are less back injuries to the workforce,” said Beazley.
        All trash must be bagged and placed inside the containers as Republic Services trucks will be automated.
        Any trash that exceeds the capacity of the rolling containers may be bagged, or placed in approved 35 gallon or less containers (50 lb. maximum), and placed next to the rolling containers if necessary. Yard waste that cannot be placed in a bag or container (such as branches) may be bundled up and placed next to the containers in lengths of less than four feet and less than two feet diameter, and tied securely with twine.
Recycle drop off
        The city will provide recycle drop off sites in conjunction with the Lucas County Solid Waste District. The sites are shown on the map on the city’s website.
        There are four drop off sites: The Starr Avenue side of Pearson Metropark, the municipal complex, 5330 Seaman Road, Fire Station No. 3, 4421 Bayshore Road, and the Eastern Community YMCA, 2960 Pickle Road between Coy and Wheeling.
        “We expect that this is an evolving area. As the country reacts to changes in international business, we’re trying to react to it locally as well,” said Beazley. “We’ll see where we can go in the future. We really hope and believe there will be some domestic options as American businesses see opportunities to get into recycling.”
        The drop off sites will accept aluminum, plastic, paper, glass, and clean cardboard containers.
        The six holidays observed by Republic Services are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If the collection day falls on or after one of the six holidays, residents will be serviced one day later.
        Additional information will be attached to the 95 gallon container at the time of delivery. Cart delivery is tentatively scheduled for the week of Nov. 25.
        For more information, contact Republic Services Call Center at 800-234-3429 or the Oregon Street Division at 419-698-7107.


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