Oregon reopens municipal complex

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon is beginning the process of opening up its offices to the general public after being closed due to the COVID-19 emergency.
        Throughout the public closure period, the offices have been staffed and the public has been served by phone, email and online. Following directives from the governor’s office and the state department of health, the city opened its offices to the general public on June 1 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
        If the public needs assistance with tax, water billing, assessments, building and zoning or public service, the public can call to schedule an appointment. There is a drop-off box at the northeast entrance for tax documents and water bills.
        Entry to the building is through the center municipal court doors only, and as recommended by the governor’s office and the state department of health, a mask is required upon arrival. Once entering the building, social distancing of 6’ is required.
        “Our staff is all on regular schedules now,” City Administrator Mike Beazley said at the last council meeting. So we’re feeling good about our direction. We’re taking appropriate precautions. We’ll be working with the court using that center entrance. Each department will deal with things a little bit differently. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves over time. We’re glad to have the world opening up again.”
        Beazley added that council is expected to go back to council chambers to hold its next meeting.
        Due to the pandemic, council, like many other local governments and businesses, have been holding remote meetings via the video conferencing software, Zoom, where video is streamed live to a platform like Facebook and YouTube.
Rec complex
        Council President Dennis Walendzak asked whether there would be vendors at the recreation complex when games start up again.
        “Are we looking to open up concession stands also when the games are being played or are those going to be closed?” he asked.
        “The approach right now, depending on feedback from the health department, is to have something like `Grab and go’ type products,” said Beazley. “That’s the direction we’re moving in,”
        Mayor Mike Seferian said there would be changes in seating arrangements at the recreation complex as well.
        The public will not be using the bleachers to watch the games, he said.
        “Bleachers will be off limits,” he said. “The parents and others who will be viewing the games will be on their own. We’re going to encourage them to bring their portable chairs. They’ll be out on the sidelines. Nowadays, most people have those chairs. So it will be kind of a new thing out there-a different look for sure.”


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