Oregon project to connect two industrial parks

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon is expected to let bids for the Cedar Point Development – Parkway Road Infrastructure Improvements project in the spring.
        City council at a recent meeting approved the acquisition of two parcels on Corduroy Road as part of the project. It consists of the construction of a road that will connect two industrial parks in the city. One is Cedar Point Industrial Park at Corduroy and Lallendorf roads. The other industrial park is Wynnscape off Wynn Road
        “The road will be connecting the two industrial park areas,” Public Service Director Paul Roman told The Press after the meeting.
        The city received an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant that will fund most of the $3.5 million project, he said.
        “We received $2.7 million from the EDA. Then we got an Ohio Development Grant for $750,000. So it’s almost 100 percent grant dollars,” said Roman.
        The project is part of the city’s effort to attract the second natural gas power plant in the area, said Roman.
        “It’s possible that it’s all going to happen still and we’re actually building this road planning for that. But we can get other industrial development from this. So it’s an investment in our infrastructure to do this. It opens up light industry and warehousing and provides a whole other industrial park area in Oregon. It’s an area already zoned for it. It is zoned commercial/industrial. The project and grant creates another area for development.”
        The city has been installing sanitary sewers, drainage and waterlines, he said.
        “A lot of it is prepping for a second natural gas power plant,” said Roman. “We’re not 100 percent. If House Bill 6 gets overturned, then it’s very possible that power plant will come to us.”
        HB 6 subsidizes nuclear and coal power plants with public funds and hurts alternative energy sources, such as the burgeoning natural gas industry.
        “If it gets overturned, it’s likely we would get that second natural gas power plant in the Cedar Point Industrial Park,” he said.
        One of the grant requirements, the city has to own the right of way. So to get that, we bought the parcels to show we have everything we need to proceed,” he said.
        Also at the meeting, council:
        •Entered into an agreement with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) to provide criminal justice information through the Northwest Ohio Information Systems (NORIS) and records management support for the Oregon Municipal Court;
        Law Director Melissa Purpura said the contract renewal is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2021. She added that costs increased this year compared to last year for the service.
        •Authorized the mayor to enter into an agreement with the State of Ohio, Development Services Agency for the administration of the Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund;
        •Authorized the mayor to enter into a sales agreement with New Era Technology, Maumee, to furnish labor, material and equipment to upgrade the audio, recording, and streaming capabilities in the Oregon Council Chambers for a cost not to exceed $37,154.58;
        •Amended the classification of Communications Coordinator/Oregon Economic Development Foundation director. City Administrator Mike Beazley told The Press on Wednesday that the change will expand Oregon Economic Development Foundation Director Summer Vriezelaar’s position, which includes marketing and communications for the city’s recreation department, to all city departments.
         “We really wanted to change that job to be city-wide so that she will work for all our departments and work to make sure we do the best job we can interacting with the public through our webpage and through our social media account,” he said. “She will be exploring ways our residents can get information from the city. That continues to be an evolving area for local governments. It just seems that every year a higher percentage of our population expects to do their interactions either through social media or forms of internet service. We want to make sure the City of Oregon continues to evolve to meet those service needs.”


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