Oregon Plan Commission to review food truck next month

Kelly J. Kaczala

        The Oregon Plan Commission on Tuesday rescheduled a hearing to review a Special Use Exception (SUE) permit that was approved last year for a food truck located in the parking lot of Our Lady of Toledo Shrine at 635 S. Coy Road.
        The hearing is expected to be held on Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 5 p.m. before the plan commission, Building and Zoning Commissioner Jim Gilmore told The Press after the meeting. Delana Ball, owner of Sabaidee Cofffee and Crepes, was unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting and requested that it be rescheduled next month.
        “This is just going to be a review to see if we had any complaints,” said Gilmore.
         Ball had a shed at the site that was eventually removed. “Whatever she has there has to be attached to the truck. She removed that, as far as I know,” said Gilmore
        “The reason it came here is that she wanted the food truck to be there on a permanent basis, and that required a special use,” he added.
        “It was more than a temporary structure,” said Mayor Mike Seferian, who has a seat on the plan commission. “She had permission by the city to operate there. She is licensed by the county health department, and they do require that the vehicle be moved off the premises every four days. They don’t always enforce it. Her getting the permit at all was a marginal call. It was very close to not passing here.”
        The city agreed to review the SUE after one year.
        “We do struggle with wanting to set up permanent structures of food trucks,” said Seferian. Restaurants invest thousands in their buildings while a food truck can set up shop across the street from them at little cost.
        “It makes it hard for permanent structures to do business,” said Seferian. “And we understand that. We’re trying to be fair. Ball said herself that her intention was to get a feel for the city, and then build a permanent structure herself.”
        Some residents, mostly from the nearby Bayberry Creek Condominiums, voiced opposition to the food truck at the June 21, 2020 plan commission meeting. Concerns ranged from the possibility of increased traffic to trash going into a nearby ditch.  In light of those concerns, the commission had voted 4-1 to accept the SUE for a term of one year to be reviewed by the Plan commission at that time.
        Oregon recently amended part of the planning and zoning code regarding the operation, regulation and guidelines of food trucks that park throughout the city to serve customers.
        A food truck, defined as a motorized vehicle or trailer equipped to cook, prepare, serve, and/or sell food and beverages, has grown increasingly popular in recent years. The mobile restaurants have played a role in community events, offering a wide variety of fare to residents and visitors.


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