Oregon OKs resolutions in support of OneOhio

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday voted in favor of resolutions supporting the endorsement of a representative to the OneOhio Recovery Foundation Region 4 Board, and to support the establishment of the board.
        Council voted unanimously to endorse April L. Demers to serve as the city’s  representative on the board.
        “This is someone who is experienced in the field,” said City Administrator Mike Beazley.
        In March, 2020, the State of Ohio and local governments throughout the state banded together to create the OneOhio Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a one-of-a-kind in the nation agreement giving Ohio’s local governments a direct role in directing opioid funds to implement strategies for community recovery from the opioid crisis.
        The agreement gives local governments an opportunity to name representatives to the regional board. The board will be self-perpetuating and will be part of a non-profit foundation rather than a government entity. A component of the OneOhio MOU establishes a statewide foundation (OneOhio Recovery Foundation) and regional boards to distribute portions of settlement funds. As a region, Lucas County (Region 4) is to establish a regional board to designate recipients of regional foundation allocations and to appoint a representative to the statewide OneOhio Recovery Foundation.
        Council voted 5-2 to support the establishment of the OneOhio Recovery Foundation Region 4 Board with the following representation:
        •Three representatives from the Board of County Commissioners;
        •Two representatives from the City of Toledo;
        •One representative appointed by a simple majority of the municipalities of Lucas County, excluding any municipality that already has a seat;
        •One representative appointed by a simple majority of the townships of Lucas County, excluding any township that already has a seat.
Addiction program
        Also at the meeting, council authorized the mayor and finance director to enter into an agreement with the Board of Lucas County Commissioners and the Correctional Treatment Facility for the Regional Addiction program. The program provides addiction services for convicted offenders and aides in the protection to the community by the rehabilitation of convicted offenders charged with criminal offenses by the City of Oregon.
        Council also authorized the mayor, fire chief and finance director to issue purchase orders to Breckenridge Kitchen Equipment & Design, 2401 Sawmill Parkway, Huron, Ohio, for the purchase of appliances in the amount of $27,907; to Rogue, Columbus, for the purchase of fitness equipment in the amount of $44,205.78; and to Seagate Commercial Interiors, Holland, for the purchase of furniture in the amount of $63,685.15 for the new Central Fire Station.


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