Oregon OKs contract for new city garage

Kelly J. Kaczala

       Oregon City Council recently approved an agreement with Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc., Maumee, to provide professional engineering services for Phases 1 and 2 of a new Street Department garage facility for $45,400.
        Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc., will be responsible for preparing detailed construction plans and specifications for the project.
        The site for the facility will be on city owned property located off Seaman Road west of the existing Street Department buildings.
        “We made a property purchase on the west end of the complex,” said Mayor Mike Seferian. “The idea was to clean up that side of the complex.  A lot of work has already taken place. This is the next step in the new garage.”
        The facility will be approximately 83 ft. by 136 ft in size with a pole barn style construction, steel siding, steel wainscot, steel roof and a concrete floor.
        City Administrator Mike Beazley said the project is one of several in which engineering designs will be completed.
        “A couple of council members asked if we are going to be proceeding with our capital projects. It’s important to note that it’s something we have discussed in the administration,” said Beazley. “We want to make sure as the stimulus money that comes forward out of either Columbus or Washington, Oregon is ready to take advantage of project funds that may become available to invest. We are slowing down actual construction on some of our projects. We will work with council before we leap into anything. But it is very important to move ahead with design and engineering. The communities that are ready will be the communities that will be able to leverage dollars and funds. We want to make sure we do that. We may slow the project down and do the actual construction next year. We’ll see where things are. But we’re going to be ready with design and engineering so we’re ready to pull the trigger.”
        Public Service Director Paul Roman said Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc. was among five firms that submitted letters of interest to the city to provide professional engineering services for the new facility. Duket Architects Planners; Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc.; Stough and Stough Architects; and Thomas Porter Architects were the other firms.
        “We likely would not proceed with construction until 2021. It may depend on what our revenue is at that time, and budget constraints. But I think it’s important to get the design going and see what our actual costs are,” said Roman.


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