Oregon OKs contract for Navarre-Coy intersection improvements

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday approved an agreement with DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC, Maumee, to provide engineering services for the design of the Navarre Avenue and Coy Road Safety Improvement Project for $238,983.
        The city has received grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for implementing various safety improvements as part of the project.
        Roman advertised and requested qualification statements from professional engineers to provide engineering services for the detailed design and safety improvements.
        Qualification statements were received from DGL Consulting Engineers, LLC; DLZ Ohio, Inc.; LJB Inc.; and Proudfood Associates, Inc.
        DGL has successfully conducted traffic engineering studies and designs for Navarre Avenue, as well as several other traffic engineering designs and services for the city, according to Roman. The proposal by DGL Consulting Engineers was determined to be the best proposal to meet the city’s needs. Funding for the design was appropriated in the 2019 C.I.P. Budget.
Safety study
        The Navarre Avenue and Coy Road Safety Improvement Project is an extension of the Navarre Avenue Safety Improvement Project, where various safety and aesthetic improvements were made along Navarre Avenue between I-280 and Isaac Streets Drive to reduce crashes and improve safety. That project also received grant funding from the FHA though ODOT as well.
        The intersection of Navarre Avenue and Coy Road is ranked 39th on the 2016 Urban Intersection Highway Safety Improvement Program list for Ohio.  Navarre Avenue, a main commercial corridor, experiences large volumes of summer tourist traffic traveling from I-280 to the recreational areas along Lake Erie and to the Cedar Point Amusement Park.
        A safety study for the intersection was prepared in September of 2018 by DGL Consultant Engineers for the city. The purpose of the study was to analyze crash trends and to recommend countermeasures to improve the safety of the intersection.
        Crash data for the study area from 2015 to 2017 was collected and analyzed. During the three year study period, there were 151 crashes, of which 128 occurred within the Navarre Avenue and Coy Road intersection. Throughout the study area, the top crashes were: 51 percent rear end crashes; 22 percent left turn crashes, and 13 percent sideswipe passing crashes. Injury crashes made up 34 percent of the reported crashes. Based on the recommendations of the traffic safety study, the following proposed countermeasures are to be implemented as part of the project:
        •Install median along Navarre Avenue throughout the project limits;
        •Install right turn lane for northbound Coy Road;
        •Install thru-right turn lane for southbound Coy Road and extend to Dustin Road;
        •Decrease drive density near intersection;
        •Replace traffic signal to include supplemental signal heads, signal backplates and ADA compliant pedestrian signals;
        •Upgrade lane control and directional signage, including adding overhead lane-use signs;
        •Expand Coy Road culvert over Amolsch Ditch to accommodate additional pavement width and sidewalks;
        •Improve pavement skid resistance by resurfacing.
        The project limits will be approximately 500 feet in each direction from the Navarre Avenue and Coy Road intersection.
        The city will get a $1.7 million safety grant from the FHA through ODOT for implementing various safety improvements at the intersection. The total cost of the project is $2.3 million.


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