Oregon OKs agreement for water line replacement

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday approved an agreement with ESA Engineers, Surveyors & Associates, LLC, Toledo, to provide professional surveying services for the water line replacement on Seaman, Norden and Wynn roads for $31,000.
        Mayor Mike Seferian said the water line replacements are needed to reduce water main breaks.
        “We have had a lot of water main breaks, and Public Service Director Paul Roman tries to figure out what’s the most strategic way to replace water lines,” said Seferian. “And this is the start of it. The optimum goal is to, one day, lessen the water main breaks. This is the procedure to do that.”
        The majority of engineering services will involve providing topographic survey, establishing right- of- way, locating existing utilities, and setting benchmarks.
        “This is the starting point to start a new design,” said Roman. “We do have engineers on staff to do the design, but we’re not professional surveyors. We need a surveying company to perform that work. We sought proposals. Out of the five firms, ESA, was determined to be the lowest and best bid,” said Roman.
        “The water line replacement that we’re looking at is Seaman Road, from Wynn Road to the east Corporation line, Norden Road from Corduroy Road to Navarre Avenue. And on Wynn Road, from Seaman Road to Noah Lane in Edon Park,” said Roman.
        “The process is to get the survey work going. Then we’ll develop plans. We’ll go after grant funding and low interest rates throughout the year. Eventually, we’ll go to bid,” said Roman.
        “I’m really proud of our city and service department for taking the initiative in handling all these water lines,” said Councilman James Seaman. “Many cities are behind in doing that. I think we’re trying to keep up as best as possible.”
Grant proposal
        Also at the meeting, council approved a 2022 grant proposal for the Oregon Police Division from the Ohio Traffic Safety Office in the amount of $56,435.62 for a program known as the Repeat Offenders for Driving While Intoxicated and State and Community Highway Safety.
        The grant will reimburse the city of up to $56,435.62 for expenditures.
        “This will allow us to schedule officers to work up to 700 hours of high visibility traffic patrols, with a focus on reducing serious traffic crashes as well as apprehending drug and drunk drivers,” said Police Chief Brandon Begin. “The overall goal of the grant is to reduce the number of serious injuries and fatal crashes within the city.”
        Council President Dennis Walendzak asked Begin where the patrols would usually be placed.
        “On the main roadways,” said Begin, like Navarre Avenue and Wheeling Street.
        “It’s usually on the city streets with 35 mph and 50 mph zones, where we usually see the most offenders,” said Begin.
        “This is a good cause,” said Councilman Seaman.” I think it really does improve safety.”


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