Oregon Jerusalem Historical Society holds Ladies Formal Tea

Staff Writer

Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society (OJHS) highlighted Ruth Handler (1916-2002), co-founder of Mattel Toy Company and creator of the Barbie doll, at their annual Ladies Formal Tea fundraiser, held over two days, Sept. 8 and 13.
Barbie pink was the theme to a sold-out crowd, and guests were mesmerized as they listened to Handler’s story, told in first person by life coach Krisi Vadnais. Ruth was the 10th child of Polish immigrants, who married her high school sweetheart, Elliot Handler. The two went on to build one of the largest toy companies in the world and create the endearing Barbie doll.
Proceeds from the OJHS fundraiser are used for the preservation of artifacts at the Brandville Museum Complex, located on Grasser Street in Oregon.


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