Oregon: Council agenda for Monday set

Omar Smaidy

Oregon city council’s committee of the whole has approved several items for the agenda of council’s May 13 regular meeting.
Ordinance 079-2024 allows the city fire department to enter into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to respond to wildfires and to report each wildfire incident in the online ODNR portal. This also provides opportunities for the fire dept to apply for grants through the ODNR.
Ordinance 080-2024 allows the fire department to apply for a port security grant, which offers a 25 percent match and allows the department to apply for a new rescue boat at the cost of no more than $300,000. The fire department’s current rescue boat is undersized and more than 20 years old. There have been recent changes in the U.S. Coast Guard’s water rescue policies. The fire department is responsible for covering five square miles near Maumee Bay.
Ordinance 082-2024 amends the code chapter regarding private swimming pools. The current code section is not in line with international swimming pool and spa codes.
Ordinance 083-2024 clarifies when an accessory building can be permitted.
Ordinance 084-2024 addresses short term property rentals (Airbnb) and other platforms such as Swimply. It establishes an annual registration of rental businesses with the city to mitigate nuisances to neighbors, set limits on parking, and address the operator’s need to remain in the vicinity of the rental for emergency purposes.
Ordinance 085-2024 covers the standard fleet vehicle maintenance contract for the year with Baumann Ford in Oregon. Baumann was the only company to put in a bid for the contract after the Oregon Police Department ended the existing contract with AAA due to multiple violations of the contract.
Ordinance 086-2024 is a yearly grant the police department applies for through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to cover 75 percent of the cost for bulletproof vests. Every five years the vests expire.
Ordinance 087-2024 covers the lighting of the new pickleball courts and parking lots at the Recreation Center. Westfield Electric offered the lowest best bid at $156,450.


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