Oregon approves bids for 2020 road repair program

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council earlier this month approved the bids of contractors for its 2020 Roadway Improvement Program.
        “The whole project is divvied up between two contractors,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman. “Both meet the best bid criteria and are the lowest and best bids.”
        The total project costs $1.2 million.
        The approved contractors are Helms and Sons Excavating, Inc., of Findlay, and Henry W. Bergman, Inc., of Genoa.
        The Department of Public Service checked their references with the cities of Findlay, Tiffin, Sylvania, and Henry County and believes Helms and Sons Excavating is qualified to do the work, said Roman.
        “They are a new contractor, at least for our bid. All of the references gave very good reviews,” said Roman. The city has hired Bergman on prior projects.
        Helms and Sons Excavating will do residential resurfacing of the following:
        •N. Edward Street – Seaman Road to North limits;
        •N. Fargo Street – Seaman Road to Pullman Avenue;
        •N. Goodrich Street – Seaman Road to the North limits;
        •N. Goodyear Street – Seaman Road to Pullman Avenue;
        •Pullman Avenue – N. Yarrow Street to N. Fargo Street;
        •N. Stephen Street – Seaman Road to Milwaukee Avenue;
        •Lawnsdale Drive – Luverne Avenue to South limits;
        •Luverne Avenue – Eastvale Avenue to East limits;
        •Eastvale Avenue – Wheeling Street to Berlin Avenue;
        •Main road resurfacing of Corduroy Road – West limits to Lallendorf Road;
        •Coy Road – Seaman Road to Corduroy Road.
        Henry W. Bergman, Inc., will do various pavement repairs, including.
        •S. Coy Road – Pickle Road to South limits;
        •S. Wynn Road – Navarre Avenue to South limits;
        •The West municipal complex site improvements, Phase 2;
        •The senior center parking lot.
        Council also approved the bid of E.S. Wagner, Oregon, for the Seaman Road and Yarrow Street bridge replacements for $1,186,511.
        “E.S. Wagner was the lowest and best bid for the project,” said Roman.
        The city received federal grant money from the Federal Highway Administration funded through the Ohio Department of Transportation, said Roman.
        “It pays 95 percent of construction, and up to a maximum cap amount of $1.1 million,” he said. “We’re just over that amount, but a good portion of the project is being paid for by grant dollars.”
        The Seaman Road Bridge is over Otter Creek just east of Wheeling Street. The Yarrow Street Bridge is between Seaman and Corduroy roads.
        The projects are expected to be completed within 90 days.


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